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Monday, May 14, 2012

KGS - a guest post!

A post by Sabeen Mahmud on Facebook
that you should read along with the comments.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kavish Umar

Pity that I can't find him or trace anything about him - but Kavish was one of my favorite poets from Chittagong in my Merchant Navy days.

Kaavish came to Karachi after 1971 and met with all of us several times. Ummi was very fond of him as was Nuzhat. Other Chittagonians who we met frequently in Karachi - Asghar Gorakhpuri, Nasir 'Shohrat' Zaidi, Kazim 'Nudrat' Abdi, for example - loved him. We all had several sittings together. One was a delightful Mushaerah that Kaavish held in Orangi Town which went very well.

But he disappeared!

As I've said in one of my earlier posts, we could not trace him. I have no idea where he is. If anyone reads this post, s/he should contact him and ask him to call me up on my phone number (0300.823.7911) ... It'd be great to meet him again. Or call me and give me the details about him!

Kavish Umar's poems were brilliant and his Urdu was gorgeous. His ability to use metaphors was superb. Here is one poem that you'll enjoy.

His poems, and those of other poets from the Chittagonians, will be on some CD-sets that I will launch (sometimes this month) at T2F/Faraar … and strongly suggest that you do look at the ongoing collections at this site (where there are already some Classical Music CDs, Qavvaali Collections, and other poets reading their kalaam).

Chittagong shaers featured on the new CDs will include Kaavish Umar and others, like Asghar Gorakhpuri, Yusuf Ali Laiq, Asghar Rahi, Mubaarak Mungeri, Kazim 'Nudrat' Abdi, Munawwar Ahmad, Anees Ejazi, Vali Siddiqui, Nasir 'Shohrat' Zaidi, and a few visiting poets, like Suroor Barabankvi, Jamil Yusuf and Khalid Alvi (one of my team mates on the ship where I was in command). You may have heard a few of them in my earlier blogpost.

If you are fond of Mushaerahs and have missed these people, just because they were on the other side of Pakistan (now Bangladesh), you must hear these sets. You'll love them all!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

8th May 2012

A few times our moods were awful in these 42 years - but never did they last more than a few minutes. Better, though, was that many more times our moods were very good. However, 'one reason' why our marriage worked out so well was that for the majority of our lives our moods were absolutely gorgeous.

I said 'one reason' only because we were wedded by Maulana Ehtesham-ul-Haque Thanvi ~ he was my father-in-law's favourite 'voice' - and became 'Thanvi', I think, after he came out of the 'thaana' ;) ~ and I always used to say I disliked him and, therefore, our nikaah never really got performed and we are happy because we are living in sin!

The coming of Ragni has added even more to our lives …

… and I thought of Douglas Adams several times today!

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