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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Spiritual Music of South India

Kuldeep M Pai
"Kuldeep M Pai is an accomplished Indian classical musician and composer with an intrinsic sense of melody and creativity. He has mastered the playing of instruments including several percussion mediums. This versatile artist who is also a keen learner, has learnt and imbibed  the nuances of western classical music as well. In his ever expanding horizon of music, he delves deeper and deeper into the art form, exploring its core essence with dedication, conviction and undeterred devotion. 
Music, to Kuldeep, is a metaphysical medium which arrays the world in perfect alignment with the Ultimate energy. An in- depth understanding of the quintessence of this divine art form combined with a staunch adherence to our Santhana Dharma has persuaded Kuldeep to transcend the stylistic aspects of the art and arrive at its very core, where Music becomes a mere path to Silence."

KMP has learnt from Sri Antony Master, Sri Arun Kumar, and Sri Shamsuddeen in Carnatic Vocal. He also learnt Violin from Sri Hariharan, as well as Western Classical Piano from Sri Ramamurthy.

Although he himself plays and sings beautifully … his compositions and training of of bhajans and other religious songs which he teaches to young children are on another level.

One of KMP's remarkable series

Listen to these remarkable youngsters
specially, to Sooryagayathri.

She is going to be a really great performer,
the signs of which are already seen in her renditions.

Aren't they just amazing!

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

14.09.1947 - 13.06.2017

Linda Watson

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