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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Education IS Expensive

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar
With so much going on about the soon to be ex-CJ's orders about schools, I received this from a school. Well worth a look. 

The Government should improve its schools … but that seems impossible with no students and lots of teachers in some places, no schools at all (ghost schools) in some areas where salaries are being drawn, no actual buildings or even remains of them where money is being given for work in building it and maintaining it, with money even being paid to 'remove' a school which never existed. I got most of this from Anita (Ghulam Ali) Apa, a leading Educator in Pakistan. 

The fact that Private Schools do all this to prevent Government Schools from functioning is a gross mis-statement. Many private schools have even tried to help some Government Schools run better (and that included Railway Schools, as an example) by offering them many services. However, that didn't last long, either, because the Private run schools were not allowed to fire any teachers who did not come at all: It was the Government's job to fire them (which they did not do).

I realise that with inflation and several children (Preferred: don't have more than two kids!) it is impossible to go to schools where the fee is higher than parents can afford. But they do have a choice: Take them out of that school and send them to a lower fee school.

Listen: Many can't buy a Louis Vitton Bag so they choose a lower priced bag; many can't eat at Okra so they go to cheaper restaurant like McD; many can't use airplane tickets to go to see their child in USA (I certainly can't, except once in a year, when I could easily take 3 trips to USA earlier when I worked), so some wait for two years, now.

But what is the parents argument? I need the same education that the top schools provide but I will pay what the lowest fees is in the lower schools.

Remember this saying by the President of Harvard
(where many parents want to send their kids)

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