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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Moving … 1

This house is too big for us.
Too many rooms.
Too many terraces and a space for performances.
(Sheema Kermani and Attiya Dawood did their first events here)
Too many Drawing/DayRooms.
Too many baths.
Too many lawns.
Too many service people.

we are shifting to a much smaller house.
Many of our favourite things, sadly, 
will NOT fit in there.

These are some things
that I will be selling
right now.

Other things will be written about in 2-3 weeks.

Finally, after we have shifted
and find out things we may still have to sell,
I'll add another post.

Ricoh PJ X2440 Projector

It's really an Excellent Projector,
used only 11 times
for a Project or Videos
each lasting between 2-3 hours.

Rs 35,000 (Sold 31/1)

A Projector Wall Screen
also used with the projector above
for 2-3 hours each time.

Rs 7,000

Both are actually superb pieces
and tremendous for office or home.

Art Work

A beautiful 4' Square painting by 
It is mounted on 8" sides under which there is a bulb.
Looks absolutely great at night, too.

Rs 50,000

BITS Brain by
Mariam Suhail

Rs 25,000

The BITS Brain
Conceived by me as an object where visitors would drop their visiting cards at exhibitions or at our offices, the drawer could be opened to remove the cards and respond to queries or even connect with the people.  
This wonderful sculpture was made by a delightful artist who now lives in Bangalore (India). Sabeen Mahmud and I ran the BITS office until Sab’s assassination in 2015. The sculpture had been at the office (plus at a couple of exhibits) and has now been displayed in my house since then. We would like to sell this lovely art piece to someone who likes ‘brains’ or wants to use it in their own office or home.

Haider Ali's First Artwork
after his well known
Truck Painting that thrilled everyone in Pakistan
(and now is Internationally well-known)

This Wheelbarrow was painted by Haider Ali when Sabeen asked him to diversify his work and display it at T2F. He started doing several things from workshops to signboards with truck art designs to cups and kettles. Now everyone seems to copy him but they hardly come close.

I bought this as soon as he displayed it at T2F and have adored it. Not just as a lovely thing that it is … but even more so as a delightful seat where I often read my books.

Rs. 35,000 (Sold: 25/1)

I am so sorry to have to let it go.
I wish there was a space where I could have kept it.

Crafty Things

All are brand new.
Received by mistakenly ordering them twice
from Amazon USA.
… Once by me; Once by my daughter …
All prices are original + 10% for the mail from USA

An Absolutely Unique & Wonderful Item
if you are into Crafting … or want to start!

We Are Memory Keeper
All Works Toolbox

A piece that allows you to do the following
(Click this to see a Video)

Stamp Press
Tab Marker
Scoring Board
Envelope Maker
Tag Marker
Banner Maker
Corner Rounder
Hole Punch
Tassel Maker
Pom-Pom Maker
Bow Maker

Item includes Bone Folder
and other accessories
A clear Manual
(plus a BONUS floral die)

Rs 11,000

Rapesco's Adjustable Diary Punch

Fits most 6" Diaries and folders
Rs 2,750

Collectors CD Sets

I had over 15000 books of all sorts:
Facts, Fiction, Sci-Fi, Religious, Graphics and more.

I also had tons of music:
78s, LPs, 45s, CDs, DVDs, Cassettes & Tapes
(many recorded by me at
Qavvaalis, Mushairas, and some Interviews).

All of the above, and working players where needed,
have been given to a friend who has promised
to put them in a library for the public and researchers
sometimes this year.
Great idea!!!

However there are a few Collection CDs
I thought people may want to buy.
Each has been played only once
for transferring on to Lossless AACs.

All of them have Booklets and Photo Collections.
Some have Posters or Stamps.

Priced at the amount I paid for them.

Bhimsen Joshi Collection

These Siddhu CDs contain his exceptional recordings
Rs 4,000 (Sold: 25/1)

Thaat Collection

The 10 Thaats of our Classical Tradition by the greatest musicians
including a booklet about them
Rs 4,000 (Sold: 25/1)

Joan Baez Collection: Rare - Live - Classical 

The best of her works on 3 CDs (and a booklet)
Rs 1,200

Eric Clapton & Led Zeppelin

Eric Clapton 4 CDs and a wonderful booklet
Led Zeppelin  with a lovely booklet and photo poster
Rs. 2000

Rs 2000

Elvis Masterpieces from 50s & 60s Collection

10 CDs - Amazing collection!!!
Brilliant Booklets and a Collection of Stamps.
What a list …
Rs 5,500 (Sold; 26/1)

Write to me on my FB and collect what you want!

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