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Monday, November 09, 2020

Don Haz Gon

At least that’s what most people seem to think.

 Let’s not forget that he is there until Jan 20th. 

1. Once he goes away there will be cases against him in NYC and, possibly, in other States. New ones will also come up, when he is no longer in power.

Even if Biden pardons him - something that he will do for his frenemies in order to show that he is their President, too - he cannot pardon Don in the States cases. 

Hmmm. So that means Don & some of his family will most possibly have to go to jail. 

How can Don avoid this?

2. The least possibility is that he’ll remain locked up inside the WH. That just sounds really funny and ridiculous. 

3. One possibility is that he will resign well before his final date (for health or other reasons) and get Pence to be the President for a few days until Biden takes over. 

Pence will pardon him and arrange for him and his family to travel outside. Don did say he could leave the USA.

Where does he go? Best bet: India. They have tons of old medicines that cure everything (other than lying). And there are Palace-type buildings that Don can buy. He and his family can Tweet from there.

But, come on, this sounds funny, too. 

VP Kamala will ask India to return Don to USA - and Modi will agree. After all a Vice President in USA of part-Indian parentage is better than a Vice Resident in India.

(Also, don’t forget: Kamala has said that the Indo-Pak problems were Pakistan’s faults.)

So what does Don do, then? 

4. He could start a War with Iran.

He’d have to stay as long as that goes on. Changing the Prez in the middle of war would be really dangerous. 

5. Don could start a War with a South American country. I don’t know much about the countries there but I am sure that’s possible to do. USA has wars everywhere and have never had to say why except through more lies. 

But starting a War takes time and the agreement of many people, normally. So maybe this is also just a joking scenario. 


5. Don has almost half of the voters who adore him. They are armed with AK-47s and can even make bombs. Their opposites have guns but not as powerful as an AK-47. They are on ‘stand by’, too. And they are seriously well-trained.

It’s a lot easier to start a Civil War ... and it could take just a couple of weeks to start it.

That’s where I think Don is headed ... (I sincerely hope I am wrong!)

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