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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A story we all need to see …

On YouTube there are several moments that many of us get moved by. This was one that has moved me tremendously.

Here's a boy. Homeless, orphan, sold gums and sweets on the street. He loved to sing and this is why he applied … and was picked up to come to the Korean Talent Show. No relationships, sifaarish, bribes. Nothing.

Watch this:

We have a million kids like this on our streets. But with no feeling of music or art or anything, how do we train them to live and become the giants that some of them can become.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Kirana Gharaana: Jhinjhoti Thumri

Ustad Faiyaz Khan (of the Agra Gharaana) called Ustad Abdul Karim Khan "the greatest singer of his time". Everyone loved his voice, taans, and his amazingly raseelay taraanaas.

Arguably the finest classical singer in India, Ustad sahib made several recordings that have been released on 78s and transferred on to LPs. You can buy them now on CDs, if you have missed out on them. They are a treat!

Of all the delightful recordings that he made, the gorgeous Thumri in Jhinjhoti was his finest piece and here it is for you.

It has, since, been sung by numerous singers, but I thought I'd just add 3 more pieces of that Thumri that are rarer than the ususal materials available - generally - on records.

K L Saigal (though not a Kirana Gharaana singer) sang a small piece of it in the original Devdas. It was never released on a 78 because of its short length … but you can hear it here.

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, in his role as a playback singer and music director, decided to make a recording (now available in the Saregama Series) with Lakshmi Shanker. His taraana is so evocative of what Karim Khan sahib did.

Finally, it is Roshanara Begum - the Kirana singer who came to Pakistan. Her long version of this Thumri is great and pays a wonderful tribute to Karim Khan sahib, her teacher.


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