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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My paternal family history - 2

Sheikh Wahid Ali Abr was my great grandfather.

He was a fairly well-known poet, but certainly not as well-known as his brother Vahid Ali Shaoq. Ahmad Ali was a Munshi in the State of Rampur and stayed there until my daada (Huzoor Abba) had a rift with the next Nawab of Rampur and was thrown out of the State, with the rest of the family. (The story will appear in one of my blogposts, soon.)

Abr took on some of his brother's students, including Qamar Jalalvi and Ameer Khan. I heard them talk about him when I recorded their shaaeri. I believe he was gentle and kindhearted. He loved reading and writing a lot and ensured that his children got a good education. I am not too sure about his birth and death dates and may add them when I find out about them in an updated version of this blog.

The rest of this blog is photographic.

Here he is with his children.

Left to Right
Sitting: Safdar Ali (Huzoor Abba), Wahid Ali, Haider Ali
Standing: Anwar Ali, SarwarAli, Asad Ali

That was my grandfather's sister, Kaneez Fatima


Here is my paternal family

Safdar (Huzoor Abba), Abi, Muzaffar, Mahlaqa (Huzoor Amma)

This is Bilquis Phupi who died at 17! She loved to ride and had a horse of her own, given to her by Huzoor Abba when she was 11 years old. She resembled my Huzoor Amma a lot.


Abba Jan (Muzaffar) died in 1951
he was married to Haider Ali's daughter.


Abi died on September 19th, 1963


Finally, this is me with Huzoor Abba.

(Many of my blogposts have small bits about all the other people mentioned)

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

RIP Appi Jan

She passed away peacefully at 6am - 2nd June 2013

Appi Jan loved me and always laughed at my jokes.
We all loved her immensely.
Only a few days ago we celebrated her 90th birthday.
She was so full of wonderful stories.

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