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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Are you putting pictures on the Net? Read this.

My problem with several pictures on the Net and specially in Facebook and other Social Media spaces are that they are crooked or unclean … or they are not put straight (and often at 90° from the original) … and are left with poor colours when they could be rectified and made so much better.

We've all seen these and more

Colours Changed
Picture where you have to bend your head
Crooked picture
This one is seen very often

You can use Lightroom, Photoshop, and a number of other tools - many of them Free, like Preview (on a Mac) and many on Windows (can a friend please identify them; I am a Mac user). Colours can be corrected or rectified in some of the mentioned software.

Another problem - and now seen most often as we put up old pictures we find in our homes, or are computer scanned - is the degree of distortion or spots or colours there are in the one we find. 

I found this in my old family collection

Of course you could go to a photo shop and get it fixed, for a price, but if it's not something you'd do, and I certainly won't, you could try and clean it up (partly!) and make it into a Black & White image and put it on the Net.

This is what I did here

FINALLY: Please do label it - even partly, if you don't know the names of everyone. Someone on Facebook, or wherever you put them, might recognise the others and add to your link.

In the above picture (from March 1913) starting from the left, are Safdar Ali (my Dada), Shahid Hosein (a friend of my Dada and married to my mother's cousin whose children included author Atiya Hosein and Pakistan's brilliant Air Force Pilot Fuad Bhai); Sitting as a Child was Rishad Bhai (the elder brother of Atiya Hosein) who was also India's Ambassador to Sri Lanka; Bilquis Phupi (my aunt who died very young) and Mahlaqa Begum (my Dadi).

Also, take a look at flickr. It's great. Use it.

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