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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

8th May 2012

A few times our moods were awful in these 42 years - but never did they last more than a few minutes. Better, though, was that many more times our moods were very good. However, 'one reason' why our marriage worked out so well was that for the majority of our lives our moods were absolutely gorgeous.

I said 'one reason' only because we were wedded by Maulana Ehtesham-ul-Haque Thanvi ~ he was my father-in-law's favourite 'voice' - and became 'Thanvi', I think, after he came out of the 'thaana' ;) ~ and I always used to say I disliked him and, therefore, our nikaah never really got performed and we are happy because we are living in sin!

The coming of Ragni has added even more to our lives …

… and I thought of Douglas Adams several times today!

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Blogger hushed said...

The peace and joy these faces bring. *heart*
Love you two. So much.

08 May, 2012 23:30

Anonymous Nuz said...

Heavens, such an old looking young couple!

08 May, 2012 23:45

Blogger nuclearbattery said...

This post, and the photo, are both absolutely delightful!

09 May, 2012 03:48

Anonymous Jehan said...

Thanks Hareem for capturing the essence of these two very special and wonderful people. It is a lovely picture. Gosh - 42 years! May the next couple of decades create new memories for you to cherish. Lots of love and best wishes to you both.

10 May, 2012 10:07

Anonymous Sabeen Mahmud said...

My favoritest hippies in the whole wide world. Lovely photo and a true ZakAttack post. Love you both madly.

10 May, 2012 14:38

Blogger Fawad Zakariya said...

Lovely picture! Congratulations on 42 years of enjoying each other's moods.

12 May, 2012 19:57

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Thanks to hushed, nuclearbattery, Jehan, Sabeen Mahmud, Fawad Zakariya

13 May, 2012 00:05


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