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Friday, July 06, 2007

Abro & Attiya

Abro is one of the most amazing people I've encountered. A prolific artist, photographer, illustrator, graphics designer, calligrapher, cartoonist, and comic strip author, he had held several exhibitions even before he joined the NCA, in Lahore. Many of you may be more familiar with his works that appear in the magazine section of DAWN on Sunday, where he often illustrates articles. Most of Abro's works are strongly political and his intent has always been to get the message out, with little interest in commercial successes. He even prices his works far more affordably than other, lesser-known artists so that the messages can be seen in more spaces. In the Zia period and, again, under the present regime, Abro has developed a large collection of works, in a variety of art forms, that depict the army's rule and rulers. His sensitivity to the plight of women, his desire for regional peace, all come across strongly. His eye for vibrant colours is as apparent in his photos as in his paintings. He is extremely quiet, in contrast to his laughing and talkative wife. Which may be another reason (apart from their politics) why they are a perfect match. The story of their marriage, as retold by Attiya, never fails to drive audiences to fits of laughter. We captured it on video at T2F and will share it with all of you via a DVD that contains all the readings from that unforgettable evening. The DVD will initially only be sold at the T2F, since we currently lack modalities for international distribution, but I will work on that, too. Here's Abro's depiction of Karachi - May 12, 2007 What's next? He spoke of his plans to launch his calligraphic series of Ghalib soon and was quick to add: "Real calligraphy, not what the Zia era turned it into!"

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Blogger mystic-soul said...

Wow ! What a talented man this Abro is.

Browsing his work at flickr tell a whole lot about this man.

God bless him.

08 July, 2007 03:09

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Does NCA stand for National Cartoonists Association?

10 July, 2007 19:55

Anonymous Ghazala said...

@sidhusaaheb, I can't really make out whether you're trying to be sarcastic or are really uninformed. NCA is the oldest art and architecture college in Lahore, NCA is the abbreviation for National College Of Arts. Formerly, it was called the Mayo School of arts and crafts!

13 July, 2007 11:35

Blogger Manpreet said...

Amazing painting, Somehow it reminds me of many things past that happened in the Charhda Punjab about a decade and half ago. May Almighty bless our politicians and people with better sense.

24 July, 2007 22:16

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

@Ghazala: I did not mean to be sarcastic at all.

Thanks for answering my question!


28 August, 2007 04:58


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