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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They are here …

This was the Revox A77 Tape Recorder
that was used for most of my recordings!

Here's a new label that you will love!

We will be releasing several CDs (and an occasional DVD). Most of the pieces will be recordings done by me at my home or at public places where I was allowed to record. Others will be recordings of things I managed to get from close friends and preserved them, as well as an occasional lecture or old recordings that have no copyrights any more. Some of these are from 78s and have not been converted by the companies so far.

Musicians will include Ustad Asad Ali Khan of Agra Gharana, Ustad Munawwar Ali Khan (son of Ustad Ba∂ay Ghulam Ali Khan) of Patiala Gharana, Munshi Raziuddin and his sons (Fareed & Abu).

There will also be a host of Shaaérs that I have recorded at home and on my ships in mushaaeraas held in Chittagong. Apart from those there will be some great old poets that many have missed.

On a few occasions we have taped Ismat Chughtai and others reading from their works or talking about life in general. Then there's Nasir Jahan, reciting some lovely kalaam and talking about his encounters with Arzu Lakhnavi and Josh Malihabadi.

The first four sets of CDs were issued this week and are available at T2F:
• Remembering Munshi Raziuddin — A collection of his rare recordings.
• The BITS Sessions (2 CDs) — The almost last concert by Munshi Ji which he did for his lovers.
• Fareed Ayaz & Abu Mohammad — A rare selection of pieces.
• Qamar Jalalvi & Iram Lakhnavi (2 CDs) — Pakistan's finest ghazal writers read their kalaam.

The CDs/DVDs will have the prices marked and we certainly hope that all of you will support this rather difficult job of digitizing from my old tape recordings by buying these and giving them as gifts to people coming from outside Pakistan. Friends outside Pakistan — and there are several who love this stuff in India, USA, UK and more —  can ask local people to buy them and send them, too.

Please — if possible — do not copy them. Buy more. Let's have some income with which we can get more people to help in the digitizing and conversions.This is not a business venture and we need to have enough money to keep it going. There's tons of stuff that I want you all to be able to hear. Thanks.

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Anonymous Rabayl said...

Zak, I'm so happy this project is coming to fruition. Will be buying in bulk for future presents and for myself, of course.

20 December, 2011 12:04

Blogger Musab said...

Had been waiting quite a while for this. Will definitely be ordering ....

20 December, 2011 12:10

Blogger Tasawwuf said...

Zaheer saheb adaab, I agree that these rare recordings should be bought and not copied or distributed for free. I could not see details at the T2F site. Could you please tell me more about what all is available. Can it be picked up from 10C on any working day?

20 December, 2011 21:45

Blogger Tabinda said...

Looking forward to enjoy the great collection..but, How do people like me buy..i.e. definitely not outside Pakistan, but outside Karachi?

20 December, 2011 23:27

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Hi everyone. Go to and see the CDs available now. More will be added as I make them.

In Pakistan (but outside Karachi) you can order from T2F. Send them a cheque with the CD amount and courier charges. As soon as the cheque is cleared they'll send the CDs to you.

Outside Pakistan: Best to ask a friend of yours here to buy it and send it to you with someone until we find some ways to make it get to you cheaply.

21 December, 2011 12:53

Anonymous Nabeel said...

ah. i saw this only today - and someone I know is leaving Karachi to come here in a matter of hours.

will have to wait a few more months at least. thank you!

any recommendations for someone who is only just easing into this genre?

26 December, 2011 02:58

Anonymous Ziad Asim said...

Zak Adaab,

Will it be possible for T2F to ship CDs to USA? Also will there be an online payment option?

27 December, 2011 23:32

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Aadaab, Ziad: As I said earlier (just two comments above yours): "Outside Pakistan: Best to ask a friend of yours here to buy it and send it to you with someone until we find some ways to make it get to you cheaply."

No chance of T2F sending to people outside Pakistan easily, except Courier — which makes them very pricey. Ask someone to collect from here and pass it on to you through someone going to USA.

27 December, 2011 23:39


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