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Sunday, August 23, 2015

I loved these books …

My first book is for diehard graphics fans and I wouldn't recommend this to you if you are not one. Called On The Great War, it is a 24-page long Graphic Panorama.

Who'd do this? Joe Sacco, of course. Some of you may have seen him at the Lahore Literary Festival. He is brilliant. There is an interesting piece, July 1, 1916 by Adam Hochschild and the book has annotations by Joe Sacco.

Joe Sacco has always been among my favourite cartoonists and I have most things that I could get my hands on by him. I was glad to get Bumf Vol. 1 this time. Ask T2F in Karachi or The Last Word in Lahore, if you want it … but be careful for it has nudes and sex in it. (This means that if you are under 16, you'll have to ask an older brother to get it for you!)

Here's the cover: Nixon saying he is Barack Obama
One could never ever trust him!

The essays are hilarious and so is the beautiful back cover,
called "I will make you fishers of men".

OK ... that's two books of Joe Sacco. But there was another superb one (also from T2F/TLW) by several cartoonists and graphics specialists. It's a Graphic History of Bohemians.

Obviously its called Bohemians.

I love reading about them and found this to be a great collection, taking a lot of salient features and putting them together in one book. It is co-edited by Paul Buhle who also co-edited The Beats, if you remember. I'd written about that once. Several artists drew that, too, and their gorgeous works are all over the book.

Just to remind you, here is a page from it:

I loved the beat guys and was an ardent follower in my old hippie days. I am still a hippie at heart, even now.

So go and get these … and enjoy!

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Blogger SanaNizamani said...

I hope it is OK if I add a little recommendation you your list.

I LOVE Art Spiegelman (he did a series called "Maus" on his grandfather's life in Nazi concentration camp). Besides him, Guy Delisle does really wonderful travel graphic novels. His partner works in doctors without borders giving him a chance to live and draw a year or two in a new country. He did a book about Jerusalem, Burma and North Korea (he has probably done more but I have only read those).

There is a Swedish graphic author and artist called Liv Strömquist who does brilliant books on taboos behind menstruation, relation paradoxes, sexuality, etc. If she ever translated her work in English, I'll let you know.

I'll go buy some Joe Sacco books myself.

23 August, 2015 23:27

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Art Spiegelman: I have read the two Maus Books and the brilliant CD-ROM was also my favourite. Now he has released Metamaus - and its amazing. It also has a DVD in it. Get it, Sana, if you haven't got it.

Guy Delisle: Got all his books. Superb.

In some previous blogs I have mentioned both of them.
Will wait for Liv's books in English.

24 August, 2015 11:37

Blogger SanaNizamani said...

Thank you for tipping me about Metamaus and DVD. That'll be Christmas present for Vilhelm (it is him who got me started). In the meantime, I'll write another email to Liv asking when she'll be translating her works.

24 August, 2015 11:49

Blogger SanaNizamani said...

So you've read those books already. That's wonderful. I don't know many people who are into so-called "cartoon books" as I used to call them before getting into them myself.

24 August, 2015 11:51


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