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Saturday, August 15, 2015

14th-15th August 1947

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a naive (aman ki aasha sort) view of partition. India was never a single, united house. The Brits united it, more so than any past empire, and that too only geographically and politically. What they divided was an artificial entity which, mind you, was the fruit of their labour. And they decided to divide that fruit rather than hand it over to Hindutva nationalists. And why not?

15 August, 2015 22:45

Blogger Zakintosh said...

It's so much easier to talk to you if you are not Anonymous.

The naive idea is rather silly coz this may be my point of view after reading (and living) history. I could say that your view is naive ... But rudeness wasn't my intention.

Senior members of my family belonged to Congress or Muslim League. Heard them argue both ways.

Thanks for your input. I am sure I'll get a lot more like yours.

16 August, 2015 00:21


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