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Friday, August 15, 2014

Our Real Independence Day

Yes dear friends.
Today, 15th August 2014, is our Independence Day
(altered to 14th August, much later).

Here is a picture of Jinnah Sahab's writing pad.

15th August was Jüma'tul Vidaa in 1947
and he thought it would be ideal to have
our Independence on that day.
The Congress had no objection.
The day was immediately decided.

Rashid Latif Ansari (ex-EMI and ex-Minister at BB's Government),
a respected older friend of mine,
says the date was altered to suit the Mullaas much later.
They thought the 27th of Ramzan (14th August 1947) was a better day.


Trust them to alter all forms and ideas of history.
By the way, Rashid Bhai was at Abbey Road
recording the famous Beatle's Album.

He was also told by the Government to remove the original anthem
at EMI and to leave no traces of it.
The tapes and records were all deleted/destroyed.
Radio Pakistan Karachi sent its Musicians to record
the new Anthem by Hafeez Jullandhari.

The original anthem was by Jagan Nath Azad, a Hindu poet,
selected by Jinnah Sahab to show our seculariness.

Many people now say that there is no record of this.
But they can ask Rashid Bhai, if they want.

Most of our first Postage Stamps were from India
with PAKISTAN written on them.

But we also began printing our very own stamps
that celebrated our Independence Day.


On the 15th of August 1948 Jinnah Sahab gave us his message
reproduced here from DAWN.

(I adored our first Ekco radio!)


Finally, here's another Govt. of Pakistan Publication
from our Press Information Department.


14th August 1947 was, actually, the last day of
Pakistan/Hindustan being under British Law.

Why celebrate that???

The slavery came to an end at 00.01 on 15th August 1947.

Khaer. Chalo — ab to phañs hi gaé!


Here's something to end this post on a good note.

The Government of Pakistan brought out a book of
Jinnah Sahab's photographs in 1997.

They even had someone forge his signature, pretty well.
Sadly, the forger forgot about the date ;)

(1897 or 1997)


Have a great day!

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Blogger Sophia said...

anever doubted that 15th was our independence day and we explained the same to our daughter however we think that Jinnah in his extreme effort to distinguish between 'us' and 'them' had decided to celebrate on the 14th.
any ways now we also have celebrations on the 13th of August :-)

15 August, 2014 14:02

Anonymous Harry said...

15th and 14th August both are right. British were supposed to leave at the midnight of August 14 and India was to be an independent state on August 15. The problem was that had India been independent on August 15, the British had NO legal right to declare Pakistan an independent state. The solution was: King George appointed Jinnah as Governor General of Pakistan on August 14. Thus creating a new country, before India was fully independent. However, the Indian Independence Act 1947 was promulgated and made effective from Aug 15, 1947.

16 August, 2014 11:43

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Dear Harry - While I also subscribe to your view, it still doesn't explain why the Government of Pakistan brought out a booklet on 15th August 1948 celebrating a year of Independence!

17 August, 2014 11:50


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