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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey folks. Sorry for the disappearance ...

... assuming you missed me at all. Ups. Downs. Events. Crises. The usual fortnight: SNAFU! (If you are too young to know what that stands for, go look the abbreviation up. Err ... not if you are too, too young, though. In which case you shouldn't even be on my blog.) Through all this, several posts have been brewing, too. Some are still in my mind, some on my trusty old MacBook Pro. But there just hasn't been time.

Anyway. Starting with a brief post tonite - just an image (not that it took less time than writing a post would have) - I hope to work on a couple of posts over the weekend to conjoin and share some of the more pleasant experiences I've had. Those interested in Urdu will find them of greater interest, since two of the three events (and the memories they brought back) are centered around that language. And I promise some delicious --- brief but appetite-whetting --- audio clips. Soon.
Meanwhile, here's a sneak-peak at the cover of the sequel to our favorite bad boy's album, Clash Ka Khauf, released earlier this month.
Keep on the lookout for the songs on your usual piracy websites. Two of my fave tracks are: Bum Maaro, Bum and Zabaané Yaaré Mann Tharkee.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

21 February, 2009 00:28

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Welcome back!

Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, SNAFU is sometimes bowdlerized to "Situation Normal: All Fouled Up". 'Clean' enough for more delicate sensibilities (including mine, BTW), I suppose.

I wonder if the image has been modified using a technique called 'morphing'.

21 February, 2009 01:40

Blogger Maleeha said...

glad you're back!

The title of the second track is a winner!

21 February, 2009 10:51


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