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Monday, September 07, 2015

Bowled Over by Imran Khan!

A Picture of IK that caught Dr. Israr's attention.
Israr said that women should not be allowed
to watch a Cricket Match since
the bowlers actions
[s]excite them.
I loved IK when he was a Cricketer.
I hated him since he moved into politics.
I really couldn't stand his views on youths and women.
(Strangely, both vote for him.)

These quotes are from an old interview in
The Friday Times
(Jan 19-25, 1995)

Parliamentary System

Parliamentary system of democracy is nonsense. I am asked why I do not enter politics. I say that for a start I don't believe in getting into a system in which you have to pay exorbitantly to get elected. Secondly, this party system parliamentary democracy, this is just nonsense.The discipline of the party system means that sometimes you have to compromise, you have to lie in public. Therefore only a certain kind of personality is suited to this system and I cannot be part of it. I'm much better outside politics.

The current leaders haven't a clue which way they are taking us. Someone at the top has to set an example, and then be determined to set things straight. If you paid bureaucrats a better salary, for example, they would collect taxes. Their salaries are unrealistic in the first place. So they become corrupt. l don't want to talk about solutions, or what system would be best for the country because I don't want to get into politics. Every government has asked me to join them and I have always refused.

Karachi's Youths

The reason people here wear trousers and shirts is to show that they are a degree better than the common man. I am ashamed to see the upper class youth of Karachi, for instance. What relevance have they to Pakistan? If you left them in a village they would probably get lost.

The West & Us

Familly is their biggest weakness. Our strength is our family system. While I was in university I read Germaine Greer‘s "The Female Eunuch" and thought women‘s lib was right. I now realise that it's impractical.

[The women] are all on diets and half of them have anorexia. In discos, all the fat women sit on the side and get drunk and depressed.

If reducing clothes means progress then that should mean that the African tribes are very progressive!

I said [in an earlier interview] that having lived in the west I have seen its strengths and its weaknesses. Their strengths are. meritocracy, justice, human rights, and so on. Their weaknesses, their biggest threat. is the breakdown of the family. This is a direct consequence of immorality. Since the sex drugs and rock n roll revolution of the 60s, I myself have seen the breakdown of the family. And then women's lib, which has degraded the status of mother, they say why should we stay home and look after children when we can go out and work too. In other words, motherhood, which is looked up to in our culture, is nothing in the west. As a result their family life has broken down. When men and women both go out to work, soon there is a divorce. How is the home to be run? Degrading the mother's role plus sexual permissiveness has led to the mess that the west is in right now.

l would like to see women have all the rights given to them by Islam. ln my view, men and women are equal but different. What western women's lib is trying to prove is that they‘re the same. They're trying to compete with men. This was never meant to be, it was a complimentary role and never a competitive role. The biggest damage that women's lib has done is to destroy the family. All my friends in the west are divorced.

Men & Women

Men and women are supposed to have complimentary roles, the basis of which is that only women can be mothers. A man cannot change nappies. It is not possible for a man to manage a house. If a woman wants to pursue a career then she shouldn't have children. If you want to have children. then you have to have a woman at home. One has to provide and one has to look after the kids and it cannot be the man who looks after the kids!


The limits of freedom have gone too far. For instance, I disagree with gays getting married. This is against the norms of civil society.


The problem here is that the weak are oppressed, not women in particular, that is all lies. When Veena Hayat was raped the government almost fell, but when a poor woman is raped, no one cares. Think about the poor man whose wife is raped. imagine what he goes through! 


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughts change - don't they?

How would you know if he still has the same thoughts?

Having slaves was considered normal a few decades ago.

People learn. Humans evolve. Cultures change.

Can't hold a man hostage to his old thoughts.

14 September, 2015 02:23

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Dear Anonymous, I wish you weren't Anonymous. It's always nicer to know who I am talking to.

Yes, of course thoughts change. He HAS changed the first one.

However, the rest hasn't changed. I actually KNOW that! You may not believe me … but that's up to you.

For this blogpost I did send the link out to three of my closest friends who are part of the active PTI. One is, in fact, very active. I asked them to describe his thoughts - if they have changed - on the comment box. They should quote a reference to his ideas, since I quoted TFT. Where has he ever said anything to the contrary after these statements in TFT?

So far, no answer! Waiting …


(BTW, there are many 'slaves' today. Start just by thinking of underage kids being bought off crooks and abductors, and put into working groups everywhere, including Pakistan. In Islam, in any case, slavery is still allowed. There are videos from mullas available on YouTube and other channels that talk about it.)

14 September, 2015 10:57

Blogger abbas said...

Thankyou for a sharing a thought provoking interview. I am afraid after some disagreeable personal experience, I too have gone into the opposite camp--- does that make me a 'khanista'-- maybe.. or not... since after maybe after my daily 'idol worship', i can still swallow anti-khan harangues without choking the 'antikhans'....

08 October, 2015 22:10


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