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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Stone Age is over …

9th October 2014

So off I went to South City H

Put on my slippers

… and lay in bed …

thinking of the surgery.

Was I stressed?  No …

The operation was going to be performed by Dr Mumtaz Maher …

… who is a great surgeon and a lovely artist!

The Pacemaker chap turned up, checked me, and I was fine.

No, this is not Oyster Soup. It's my removed gallbladder!
(Thanks for the picture, Nuzhat.)

In Laproscopy they just cut holes in the tummy and remove it.

Here are my 9 stones.

Here's a close-up of the biggest one I had.

The hospital, which looks like a 5-Star Hotel, was clean. No strange smells. A food courtyard! Surgeon Dr Maher, Anaesthesiologist Dr Jakhrani, various RMOs, and the smart Registered Nurses were all polite.

As far as the Nurse Assistants were concerned - polite that they too were - I was taken aback, when I was feeling less groggy, that the three of them were standing around me and one was touching my left-bottom of the tummy. I had though the surgery was going to be on the right side, so I asked what thy were looking at. The oldest person said, "We are just looking for your Pacemaker. It must be small." I told him that the Pacemaker was large and was under my left shoulder. They uncovered me and saw it and I heard an "Uff" sound. Wish they had been trained to know where Pacemakers are fitted.

Just in case you don't know, this is what my Pacemaker looks like.


So I am now back and resting at home.

Not too much, actually.
Went out for a meal at Gellato Affair that evening.

The shoulder pain is a bit bad but will go away soon.
(That's because they tie your arms in an odd position.)

Billie was missing me but is now happy!

I hope this is the last surgery I will have had.


My previous surgeries have included all this:

A collarbone fractured and put into place in Karachi.
Had to be broken again by the doctor since it was bent.
It is now in an H-position.

A broken nose at Government College, Lahore,
because the opponent of Kamal Azfar
thought I should not support him
and hit me with a brick.

A Varicose Vein surgery in the UK.
Tons of them in my stomach area had to be removed.

A Prostate Gland Surgery at OMI in Karachi.

A Hernia Surgery at NMC in Karachi.

A Quadruple By-Pass at NMC in Karachi.

A Pacemaker fitted this August at NMC in Karachi.

If you need to know why I didn't do this surgery at NMC,
take a look here and here.

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