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Sunday, October 05, 2014

5th October 2011

The phone rang early one morning and I heard Ragni say,
"Have you heard about Steve?"

Steve Jobs was dead.

I have spent years with Steve Jobs & Apple. One of my first computers was the Apple II which I bought within days of it hitting the market. I had migrated to the Mac as soon as that marvel appeared … added every new model for years until I finally settled on the new iMac, possibly because of my age. The iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and the ATV are all over my den. Yes. I will be with Apple as long as it — or I — live. 

A major part of Steve's Presentations (popularly know as SteveNotes) was that almost each one was a gem, as was his "… And there's one more thing" ending. 

Can't remember all of them, but here are some of the many things Steve Gods-er-Sorry-Jobs offered after that sentence:

Apple's return to profitability at MacWorld Expo San Francisco 1998

iMac in colors at MacWorld San Francisco 1999

22-inch Apple Cinema Display at Seybold 1999

AirPort base station and card after iBook introduction at MacWorld Expo New York 1999

iMac DV, iMovie, and iMac DV special edition, October 1999

At MacWorld SF 2000, Aqua was introduced. Jobs announced that he would continue at Apple permanently, dropping the "i" (for "interim") from "iCEO"

Power Mac G4 Cube at MacWorld NY 2000

PowerBook G4 at MacWorld San Francisco 2001

17-inch iMac G4 at MacWorld New York 2002

Power Mac G5 at WWDC 2003

12-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4 at MacWorld 2003

iPod Mini at MacWorld 2004

iPod Shuffle at MacWorld 2005

Fifth-generation iPod with video, announced at a press conference entitled "One more thing..."

MacBook Pro at Macworld Expo 2006

Movie sales at the iTunes Store in September 2006; a second "One more thing..." in the same presentation unveiled iTV (renamed Apple TV at Macworld 2007)

Safari for Windows beta at WWDC 2007

Aluminum Unibody MacBook, October 2008

Video camera and speaker in fifth-generation iPod Nano at the Apple Music Event in September 2009

FaceTime video calling for the iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010

Second-generation Apple TV running on iOS at the September 2010 Apple Music Event
Revised MacBook Air at a press event, "Back to the Mac", in October 2010

Wasn't that ding awesome …

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