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Friday, November 16, 2012

Nasir Bhai …

aap ki yaad to hamayshah hi aati haé.
Laykin har Muharram mayñ aur ziyadah!

Mushtaque Sahab (Jehan Ara's father) asked me to get someone
from Karachi for the Eedé Milaad function in Hong Kong.
It took a lot of convincing to get Nasir Bhai to travel by plane.
He hated long journeys and the transport.
Finally he agreed and came over
(and he really loved HK).

Here's a beautiful soz by him for this 1st day of Muharram.
It is in Purbi — a language that our elders spoke in UP.
He learnt it from his mother
who recited soz and nauhaas beautifully.
(The piece is by Zakhmi Lakhnavi)
It was recorded early one morning in JA's office.
I am so glad I have it with me and can share it with his lovers.

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Anonymous Zakir said...

Wow. Incredibly transportive, his voice is. And beautiful, needless to say.

I always crave Nasir Jehan on the 1st day of Muharram - so many thanks for supplying something I'd never heard before.

16 November, 2012 23:25

Anonymous s said...

what a moving post n recitation, it was beautiful. Teared me up. I listen to him a must on the sham e ghareeban, just explosive! Couldnt imagine he was actually related to u,
Thankyou so much for sharing

17 November, 2012 16:08

Blogger M said...

Thank you so much ZAK for sharing a beautiful audio of Nasir Jehan. Its a pleasure listening to Purbi in such an intimate setting.

21 November, 2012 00:33

Blogger Fawad Zakariya said...

ZAK, absolutely beautiful rendition! I wished i could keep listening to the wonderful voice with that beautiful sureela tarannum. Thanks for sharing. Is there any way to find recordings of Nasir Jehan's nauha khwani.

23 November, 2012 00:13

Blogger Zakintosh said...


I will be releasing a CD of his Nauhah Khaani and some other ghazals and stuff that I recorded at home.

You'll love them, I am sure! Just this Monday they appear on the new CD/DVD list at

23 November, 2012 12:47

Blogger Fawad Zakariya said...

Excellent! I will be in PK in a couple of months and will get all the new CDs you have released since my last visit. I was able to find some of his soz and naat recordings on iTunes as well including a version of Ghabraye gee Zainab.

23 November, 2012 21:22

Anonymous Jehan said...

That certainly brought back memories of Nasir Jehan's visit to Hong Kong. He had such a powerful voice and was an extremely wonderful person. Thanks for arranging for his visit to Hong Kong. A lot of people who would never have met him or heard him, were able to listen to him. I can't forget how amused he was when someone commented on "how well he sang" after hearing him recite a nauhaa :-)

24 November, 2012 11:03


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