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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you, T2F supporters ...

You have been marvelous in your messages of love and affection and support. It's overwhelming to hear people talk about what T2F has, in less than 2 years, come to mean to so many.

There were several people present at the second event yesterday who offered us words of cheer, some responding actively to Sabeen's call for help. Email is pouring in from people, some of whom live abroad and have never even visited the place. Some have heard of the space and the philosophy from friends, have subscribed to the mailing list, or are on FB. A handful have left comments on the official post, itself.
My own morning - full of resolve made stronger by your words and deeds, opened with a copy of The News ... and, lo and behold: not one but two stories related to T2F. How wonderful.

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