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Friday, August 22, 2008

A treat for Karachiites on August 23rd

If you are a Qavvaali lover, or looking for an introduction to the genre, call Abu Muhammad at 0300-210-5393 and ask for a FREE invitation to what will be a fabulous event at the Pearl Continental.
(Invitation Cards will need to be presented at the entrance).
This is the 5th in a series of memorial farshi nashists, held annually in honour of the great Ustad Munshi Raziuddin sahab. These tribute sessions have become one of the most awaited in the city because they offer one opportunity, outside of the homes where a Mahfilé Sama' still means what it once implied, at which the audience is treated to glimpses of the purist qavvaali tradition. See you there ...

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Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Should be good to see some audio/video from the evening posted on this blog...


23 August, 2008 13:27

Blogger Zakintosh said...

The event was recorded by a local TV channel by arrangement with the organizers, so we should see TV snippets and, perhaps, an edited DVD.

As is the norm these days, several people were seen making phone-movies ... so video-clips on YouTube and, hopefully, will soon be available for you to see, I am sure. (Give the people time to wake up ... the session ended at 3 AM.)

Also, there will be uploads, I am sure, of selections from a CD of older recordings (put together by Munshi Ji's grandson, Hamza) that was distributed gratis by one of the sponsors at the event.

The CD image, featured in my post, is the pre-release cover of a selection I have edited and should be available at T2F in time for Eed. It will be among the first few CDs that are part of a new label, Ragni Records. These will feature rare excerpts from privately held sessions of music and literary evenings.

24 August, 2008 14:13

Blogger Bystander said...

hi it was a good event though not as enjoyable as any of their private mehfils it was a bit on the commercial side(understandably so)... perhaps my 3-year old Hamza enjoyed his favorite Abu bhai and Farid bhai much more...they are in fact family favorites...

Some good and old recordings of Munshi ji and sons are available on and ..

I hope T2F will again host an evening with them this Ramzan like it did last year...

28 August, 2008 15:47


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