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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Khirad ki sham'a jalaao, ba∂aa andhayra hae

Zanjeer khayaalat peh? Yeh kyaa haé himaaqat?
Pahray kabhi lagtay haeñ havaa par kisee soorat?
Samjhaanay ki khaatir koee jaaé to kahaañ jaae ...
Aulaadé Abu Jahl ho gar sar peh müsallat!

A netraking friend informed me that KO is hosting a discussion on one of the forums. Found the support for the ban interesting.

Maybe soon I will have to alter the last line of the above qat'a to read: Aulaadé Abu Jahl hae har ghar meñ musallat!

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Anonymous Manish Malhotra said...

Hi Zak
IT guy writes poetry. WOW! Now you want us to write our poems in Fortran?

12 March, 2006 08:29


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