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Monday, January 30, 2006

Raqsé Bismil to naheeñ hae yeh kaheeñ?

Dilam dar aashiqi aavaarah shüd? ... aavaarah-tar baada!
Tanam dar baykali bay-chaarah shüd … baychaarah-tar baada!

Amir Khusro

Well, both dilam and tanam are off-colour ... and not for reasons of aashiqi or baykali.
The privately organized Raqsé Durvaish session at the PC ended with my head doing a raqs of its own. It wasn't the sufi experience, for sure: the qavvaali was good, but not enough for me to be blown apart!

Could have been an attack of Vertigo, which I do infrequently suffer from and had quite an adventure with on my first seafaring trip (... and thereby hangs a tale, to be recounted someday). Medical tests this week should throw more light on the problem.

There's so much zipping around in my mind to blog about ... but it'll just have to wait. Just one note about the mahfil: Haider was and will continue to be missed.

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Blogger insiya said...

It's funny how I think of Haider Uncle everytime I attend a mehfil of class.

Something tells me, he's at a happy place. :)

31 January, 2006 10:53


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