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Friday, September 16, 2005

A footnote to the staggering Presidential comment on the victims of rape in Pakistan

For readers outside Pakistan: The quote mentioned in the post below appeared just a couple of days after we'd had 3 days in which 5 children were reported raped in different incidents across our country. The youngest, a girl of 3, was also bruised & battered (she sustained fractures in both arms and a leg) and was burnt in places with cigarette butts. Hmmm … Wonder if they were in it for Canadian citizenships or US Dollars???

And do not forget that these were only the ones that got reported. At yesterday's 'protest' by various human rights organizations, in Karachi, there was a poor couple (Sumar Mallah, a fisherman, and his wife) whose 7-year-old daughter had been raped lately. They had not even been able to file an FIR with the police, until they were helped by someone from that bunch with an agenda (NGOs) that our President dislikes. Sumar said that he'd been offered money in return for silence, but had refused to accept it. What a fool to miss an immigration opportunity!

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Anonymous Sophia Hasnain said...

Thanks for sharing your disgust with others. I do not think that writing to our dictator president (as suggested on some emails and blogs) would make any difference, particularly if ISPR is filtering it. I don't care what he is saying and to whom, because world over it has become "jis ki lathi us ki bhains" from Bush to our Musharraf to Sharon to even week sections of society that suddenly become powerful when they rape and butcher young kids and innnocent women.

Writing to him, implies that we think we can change his thinking; that the president, with an otherwise liberal outlook, just had a slip of tongue; that the president's mindset can be changed.

He uttered these words because he doesn't have a fear of his people. Our society's liberals have strengthened him because he appeared anti-mullah. Unfortunately our liberals are still with him and even today's WAF statement is just a formality where WAF seems to be more concerened with the the role of civil society in govt projects and initiatives. This seemingly liberal president has legitimized every wrong and has done nothing to undo the wrongs of the other dictators.

I am sorry but he is a dictator and as long as he is in power we will be hearing such "gems" on all the disgusting issues in this society. If we want a change, why dont we ask him to step down???


16 September, 2005 15:07

Anonymous Jehan said...

I am stunned, ashamed, embarrassed and apalled that a man who is supposedly our head of state could think these things, let alone utter them. Now he says he was misquoted by the Washington Post. Yeah right!!!

It is really so saddening, depressing and disillusioning. We have had a woman PM who did nothing for women or children's rights. This man took over saying that he wanted to clean up the government. Six years later, should I continue to hold my breath? Even those who have given him the benefit of the doubt all these years, no longer have any hope after his recent statements in New Zealand and the US.

18 September, 2005 23:12

Blogger Hani said...

I pretty much agree with what everyone else said except just a little note to Sophia. Even if Mush does step down do you think we'll have anyone better to fill in his shoes? Politicians are all the same no matter what they say or do.

Democracy or military rule, its all about power. *sigh* I've lost hope of the Pakistani situation ever changing.

30 September, 2005 03:02

Blogger Zakintosh said...

C'mon Hani ... You can't give up hope. Not at your age!

Look at me: 65 - going on 24 - and full of hope, partially because of young people like you (and my daughter, Ragni) and a zillion others ...

30 September, 2005 10:23

Anonymous Hani said...

Hi there,

Regarding your note in Omer's blog, I agree with you. I don't think what Musharraf said was taken out of context cos as you said he didn't allow Mukhtaaraañ Mai to travel out of Pak.

Also Shazia Khalid's case depicts Musharraf's biased attitude towards women. Since there was a military official involved the case was silenced and Shazia was sent to UK. The situation is sad. *sigh*

03 October, 2005 00:33


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