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Friday, July 19, 2013

Kite Pictures?

I guess a couple of you may have thought about the birds in the sky that we see all the time … but the majority would have considered pictures of the kites we fly through the air. Like this one.

What a lovely image … by Nicolas Chorier.

But this blogpost is more than just a Kite Picture. It is a picture by Nicolas Chorier … a delightful photographer whose camera is tied to a kite. It goes all the way up and takes amazing photographs through a remote control. And they are taken in India … so they are full of life, and colour, and versatility.

Nicolas … getting to shoot a picture

(I suppose you could get many shots that you can be proud of in Pakistan, too, Nicolas. How about coming over for a while?)

There are others who take such pictures, too, I guess, but I found his images remarkable. Perhaps it is because I love photography (though I am a really bad picture taker). If you look at his images, there are some, like the one at a hotel below, that show you how great things can look from just a little above!

Hotel entrance

There are others that are taken from slightly higher, like the gorgeous coloured boats, here (Aren't the colours just amazing?) ... 

Tamil pirogs

… and have you ever wondered how the sardines that these boatsmen caught, look when they are everywhere on the beach.

Sardines drying on the beach

The pictures - specially those of people - are all wonderfully taken, with Nicolas pressing the shutter at the right time. Everything is in perfect focus. Wow!

Are you into shadows? A good photograph shows them better than you imagine … and its far easier when taken from a kite …

Mangalore shadows

… and if it has close-ups of people in it, it can be breathtaking.

Kalaripayatu fighters

(Click here and see more of this tale)

Of course, Nicolas also takes pictures in which there no humans, such as wonderful architecture and more. Here is one of my absolute favourites —

Car and Coconuts

Others prefer his amazing temple pictures. Here's one.

Matiari Temple

India is full of these, so I hope to see many more images from him.

Get his 'India from a Kite' for your iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad, right now. Its going to give you a treat. Lots of images to see. Details to admire. Amazing angles.

I have fallen completely in love!!!

If you want to see a lot more of Nicolas Chorier's images, Nicolas has a website that gives you lots of pictures. It also has a Limited Edition part that allows you to buy some of them and some books that you could get from India (I hardly see any great photobooks in Pakistan).

Taking pictures from a kite is a lot easier to do in India/Pakistan, too, where getting permissions for taking a helicopter is pretty difficult … and fairly expensive, even if the local authorities give you the required permit. Flying over many areas is often prohibited! And you can't do it whenever you want to do it! But your Kite, your Camera, and the Remote is always with you and it takes about 10 minutes to set it all up!

On that site you can also learn about the way he takes his pictures, in case you want to try and do the same thing … though it is expensive (but certainly much cheaper and better than a helicopter, anytime).

Have fun!!!

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