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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Shattered Teacup

An evening at T2F had Ms Raihana Hasan speaking about her book (Sips from a Broken Teacup). My wife read bits to me (she was also the panelist on the discussion at T2F).

The author writes well — but I was not enchanted by the book, at all! I thought her writing was far too pro 'West Pakistan' — despite the acts our people did in 'East Pakistan' — although the stated idea in the book was to tell people that the Bengalis had done many worse things which had not been reported at all in the press.

What prompted me to write this small piece was just to quote a person (a father-in-law of one of my younger friends) who was also featured in the book. While discussions were going on after the book reading - and dramatized readings by Zambeel - a Bengali 'friend' was mentioned, specially because he visited Pakistan recently. The person talking about him said "We used to call him Badboodaar Bengali because he was so - err - so - err Bengali!"


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Blogger Unknown said...

Ghazala Akbar ‎ I am unable to post on your blogspot because of your security code: You should think twice before comitting your peevish thoughts on a blog. If you haven't read the book, you are ill- qualified to comment. The 'purpose' of the book ( if it all necessary) is to demonstrate the emergence of a common humanity in the midst of all the bloodletting. There are bad people but also good ones: Indian,Pakistani,Bangladeshi. That's why the Author survived to tell the tale. Many did not. You insult their memory with your flip amd peurile remarks. Your last comment is stupid as it is distasteful.

06 March, 2012 22:40

Blogger Unknown said...

Mr kidwai has the audacity to write a blog about a book he has never read. If only he had gone through the trouble of reading it then perhaps he would have had some balanced views.

06 March, 2012 22:59

Blogger Unknown said...

The author wasn't defending our Army; She was merely describing events that she experienced. Obviously you have some sort of agenda in making these remarks!
Who makes supercilious, superficial comments on a book based on a few chapters read to him by his wife!!

06 March, 2012 23:06

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Dear Ms Ghazala Akbar: I blog and write what I think is right in my opinion. Sometimes people disagree — which is fair. You think the book is great. Good for you.

My wife, who was the panelist, read pieces in the book to me and I maintain that it wasn't convincing at all. Nor were the author's answers on certain points. But my comments were not against the author who, I said, wrote well. I just wasn't enchanted … and isn't that what one can say about the book if one feels that way?

You said "Your last comment is stupid as it is distasteful." Really? I am appalled! You don't think what the man said was 'distasteful'? I think it was a sentence that had several jaws drop (I saw 4 in my area and there may have been others). One of the persons also put her head in her hands and said "Taubah"!

My blog was not about her book. If you read the last para (altho I understand you found it bad), it starts with "What prompted me to write ..."

May I suggest that instead of being so upset about my blog, pay a little attention to it. Worry about what the man said. Ask him to change his stance (or, at least, not say it in public — if that's how he feels).

To write about a book doesn't mean you have to read a lot of it, much less all of it. Often the passages that you hear someone read to you will give you enough to help you decide whether its worth reading or not. My wife read the book and read some passages to me. In some cases she had questions to ask (which she did) and in other cases she thought it was an ok read.

I am afraid I am a very avid reader and, because there are so many good books available, I find little time to read everything I see in the house.

I have no agenda (what a strange thought!) other than to enjoy what I read, stay away from books that I wouldn't want to read, and to be annoyed at people who don't know how to shut up and keep their nasty ideas to themselves. Oh, I must say, I mean that man!


07 March, 2012 00:39

Blogger Muneeb U. Qidwai said...

Mr. Zaheer Kidvai i would like to meet you someday. A cup of coffee or tea would be nice. The thing is i would like to hear your views on a lot of different topics.

21 March, 2012 16:30

Blogger Fawad Zakariya said...

Zak, I have a book recommendation for you and your readers who may have an interest. Your spot on comment above about reading reminded me of it. The book is called "How to talk about books you haven't read" by a French professor at the Sorbonne, Pierre Bayard. The title is tongue in cheek but it is a brilliant book on what it means to read and the nature of our acquisition of knowledge. Sounds dry but it isn't.

12 May, 2012 20:19

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Thanks, Fawad. I will get it in July when I get to visit Ragni in NY.

13 May, 2012 00:22

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