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Monday, January 03, 2011

Ustad Zafar Ali Khan

Giving us a small lecture demo at my house

One of my favourite singers, Ustad Zafar Ali Khan died last night after a heart attack. A great voice and a wonderful teacher, he gave many young performers years of his experience and loved every minute of it. Among his many students were my daughter Ragni and her friend Zohra. Also, there was Sabina Ansari and Rubeena Kidwai. 

I remember hearing him singing, years ago, with his father - and his voice caught my ears. It was rich and wonderful. Much later, as I followed him singing and composing I saw him get better by the minute. 

Pity that we will not hear him sing again or see his laughing, singing face, his taunts, his humour. RIP, Zafar.

You can see his T2F video here posted by Sabeen Mahmud.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am deeply saddened at the sudden death of Ustad Zafar Ali Khan. He was a fine singer and a dedicated teacher who shared his knowledge generously. What a loss for the already parched scene of classical music in Pakistan, and what a deep loss for all his current and would be students who had yet to gain from his knowledge and teachings. May his soul rest in peace

Rubeena Kidwai

04 January, 2011 04:59

Anonymous sabina said...

Ustad Ji was an incredible human being, one I fell in love with instantly. He changed my life. He was the only teacher I've ever had who inspired complete faith and reverence in me, the only teacher I encountered who was worthy of the title Ustad. I can't believe he's gone... it's a terribly devastating loss.

04 January, 2011 15:05

Blogger faran86 said...

I got a chance to learn some basics from him at T2F. He was a maestro and a wonderful human being. I am deeply saddened by his death.

15 February, 2011 15:24

Blogger Abhijeet !! who else ? said...

I am greatly saddened learing that he is no more.
The only singer I adore.
May his soul rest in peace

27 October, 2014 16:55


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