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Friday, January 14, 2011

A R Nagori (1938-2011)

One of our country's most talented artist
died at 5.30 PM today after a heart attack.

This has become a really sad year for so many of us! Abdul Rahim Nagori's artwork never failed to stir a controversy. An artist who painted with the fire of indignation, Nagori was known for his strong stance against the way things were run here and his work always caused a strong set of problems with the 'establishment'.

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Blogger (Tinker) Sohail Osman Ali said...

NAGORI- a great man, He painted the conflicts of our social situation....the force of his paintings was such that too many did not want to be confronted with what he so rightly showed.

He had a great sense of humour.

It is sad that he and his family became the canvas of the situations he painted, when they were held at gunpoint for 1 1/2 hours. It was cruel considering he was put through this in poor health.
In the end, i believe he was too saddened by all he had seen.

May his soul rest in peace. May Allah give his widow, his children and other members of his family the
strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss.
Sohail Osman Ali

15 January, 2011 01:38

Blogger saeed said...

A.R. Nagori, great artist, he was founder of Deptt of Fine Arts, University of Sindh, Centre of excellence Art and Design Jamshoro, sindh,
he is only artist who made socio political painter.......,
his work is a history.......
Saeed Mangi
student of A. R Nagori

15 January, 2011 02:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a marvellous visionary painter he was. I saw the paintings he did in 82 which were displayed at press club. what absolutely fearless expressions they were for the Palestinian freedom. Great to see some insightful comments here from people close to him. You might also want to post in your thoughts on his website which i just happened to surf by but i didnt see any postings there maybe because its a new addition...

22 January, 2011 10:46


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