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Sunday, January 23, 2011

“Hope”: An epic poem By Finn Boughner

Finn Boughner is a 'grand-nephew' of mine. He doesn't know me, but his grandfather, Tony Afzal, and I have been friends for a very, very long time.

Tony sent me a poem by him and said, "He sat down and wrote this in 45 minutes flat, with NO prompting from his mother, other than the occasional punctuation corrections. He is 11 years old, going on 40, and an extraordinarily gifted child." Here's his 1st Prize winning poem:

   (an Epic Poem by Finn Boughner)

The world is now in need.
As if power and control will help.
In this world of ours help comes in one place.


Hope, is when a starving Afghani child thinks,
“Maybe tomorrow will be better.”


Hope is when in the Chinese Sweatshops,
A worker says “I think I’ll win that lawsuit.”


Hope is in Pakistan where the farmer who has his
Crops destroyed knows next year crops will be
Ten-fold, and surplus, enough to feed his family.


Hope is when an American, Cancer diagnosed child says,
“They’ll find a cure and I’ll run with the other children.”


Together we can make a change with UNICEF and WHO
And UNPO, with kindness and tolerance and all around

With the world in the hands of our children, we should
Make it better before they take over.

I, as a child, some say shouldn’t have these beliefs.
Dark and depressing as our blackened and saturated
World is,
Hiding it from the community of children and Young adults
Is a grave and perilous mistake.
To let your child believe together we can make a change
Is the right choice of one or of the other.


Hope is when we find a cure to HIV/AIDS.


Hope is when relief aid will come to all in need, regardless
Of religion, culture, or the color of your skin.


Hope is when it’s okay to be
   Muslim in America,
   Christian in North Korea,
   or Jewish in the Middle East.


When all world is at peace, when there is no poverty, no
Crime, no judgment, no terrorist assaults, and no Nuclear War threat.

Listen to my words so that one day the world will be in a perfect world …
Together We Can.

Reflections: Literature
Theme: Together We Can
Grade 6, Room 16, Mrs. Lee
Golden Hill Elementary

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem.

23 January, 2011 13:54

Anonymous sabina ansari said...

beautiful and timely. moved by his vision of the world with hope, moved by his hope, inspired by his brilliance and depth.

hope has a nice multiplier effect, and without it we have nothing. this was timely. thanks!


24 January, 2011 12:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My brother's grandson was born into a multicultural family of Hope. Finn was born to greatness and may he one day lead us all towards that Hope.

25 October, 2011 20:33


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