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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

This works?

Ahmadiyya TimesThe chief of the Khatm-e-Nubuwwat movement, Alyas Chanyoti and eight other clerics jointly announced displeasure with Sharif on his words of sympathy for the Ahmadis. The mullahs warned him of protest against him in all corners of Pakistan.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Staff | Pakistan —Source & Credit: The Express Tribune - Edited by Ahmadiyya times | June 7, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Top leaders of an organisation representing Deobandi madrassas across the country have reprimanded PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif for calling members of the Ahmadiyya community as “brothers” of Muslims.
“Sharif should be ashamed of calling them brothers of Muslims,” said a statement issued by the Wafaqul Madaris al Arabia (WMA).
Sharif said in Lahore on Saturday that Ahmadis were as important citizens of Pakistan as people from other religions and called them an asset.
He made the statement to express solidarity with the Ahmadiyya community following last month’s two synchronised attacks on their places of worship in Lahore which claimed more than 80 lives with many more injured.
In a statement issued here on Sunday, leaders of the Wafaqul Madaris al Arabia – an umbrella organisation of more than 12,000 Deobandi madrassas – called Ahmadis “traitors”.
WMA leaders Maulana Salimullah Khan and Qari Hafeez Jahalindri urged Sharif to retract his statement and advised him not to “defy religion for petty political gains.”
The statement termed the Ahmadis as “infidels” and said that they could not be brothers of Muslims until they convert to Islam again.
Ahmadis were declared a minority under the 1973 constitution – a move that some people believe intensified hatred against Ahmadis.
Above published in the Express Tribune, June 7th, 2010.

Sharif was put on notice to face continuous unrest throughout the country until he will restrain himself from sympathizing with Ahmadis. The gang vehemently advised Nawaz Shareef to apologize to the nation and repent to God Almighty for the treasonous act.
Dr. Farid Piracha of Jamaat-e Islami cautioned that the Islamists of Pakistan will not tolerate any soft treatment of Ahmadis in Pakistan.


Hmmm: So do read this now —

Khatmé Nubuwwat conference held in Chicago, USA: 1989
Punjab Chief Minister's Message

On the solemn occasion of holding International Khatam-i-Nabawwat conference at Chicago, I felicitate the organizers for undertaking this venture to enlighten the people of USA about the finality of Prophet-hood. 

The Holy Quran and the Hadith of the Holy Prophet have clearly stressed about the finality of Prophet-hood and inflicting of death penalty for the impostors. The Muslims during the Caliphate of first Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr (Razi Allah Anhu) waged a war against murtids. We in Pakistan following into his footsteps also struggled hard and offered innumerable sacrifices to eliminate Qadianism. During 1953 people of the Punjab started a heroic struggle against Qadianis and scores of people laid their lives and lacs of people courted arrest. The finality of Prophet-hood is our article of faith and Qadianis have been declared infidle [sic] in the constitution of Pakistan.

Recently my Government banned the holding of Qadiani conference and Qadianis could not dare to hold the conference anywhere in Pakistan because other provinces also followed suit and imposed the ban.

I once again congratulate the organizers of the Conference for their commendable role to enlighten the Public opinion at international level about the importance of this most important article of faith.

I wish the conference every success.

[Since then Nawaz has been PM twice]

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