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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Remember Magnetic Poetry?

What a lovely game!!! Stayed on our fridge for a whole year and more. Everyone who walked in did something new or, maybe, just crazy with the letters. A few even used it to leave messages.

The thrill of magnetic poetry, with the closure of good bookstores and toyshops, is a bit of a problem today. Even if we did find an edition in a shop in Karachi, it's unlikely that we would find additional wordsets or anything sensible after that to continue the fun.

'Desktop Poet' — a software available for Macs and Wins — is a lovely game to have in the home or even in the classroom. It's simple and wonderful. Just switch the game on and play the entire thing on your desktop. And you can add new words - perhaps even Urdu transcribed ones. You can alter the colours. You can change fonts and sizes. It really is fun.

What's important is that you can save your poems … perhaps even publish a book later.

Here are a few of my own poems as examples.

The Way Of The World

The End Justifies The Means

To A Piece Of Furniture


You can get Desktop Poet from the Internet. Go!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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27 March, 2010 19:47

Blogger Zakintosh said...

i think there was a lot more magic in the bed, too …

27 March, 2010 19:59

Blogger Maleeha said...

I love it all. Magnetic poetry. Your poetry. You. <3

27 March, 2010 22:33

Anonymous xill-e-ilahi said...


28 March, 2010 12:28


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