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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Word Clouds

This is just a "yooñhee" post, so skip it if you wish.

I was woken up - at just past 4AM!!! - by the sounds of some guys emptying their guns (hopefully [not] into each other ... I am feeling ambivalent!) and decided to while away the time doing something that didn't require much thinking.

Choosing the last couple of posts of the three bloggers I follow regularly (though, sadly, only one of them is prolific), plus an older one of my own, I decided to generate "word clouds", using Wordle. In all four cases, I used the very first option presented by the application after hitting the 'Randomize' button. Here are the results:

Waste of time? I think I've found a couple of interesting ideas about using these in classrooms. Maybe I'll share them here some day, once they've taken better shape. Feel free to suggest some that come to your mind.

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Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Feels good to be here before the comments box becomes a blank white space that doesn't respond to mouse-clicks at all! I wonder if it is because it is supposed to 'expire' after a certain period of time.

Wordle...hmmm..."Know Least Even School Often Almost Course May Urdu Women Just Books Quality English Child One Many Children Schools Better"...intriguing...

04 February, 2009 21:01


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