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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ten years on!

When my company, Enabling Technologies,
(later owned and run by Jehan Ara)
developed and launched the internationally acclaimed
Interactive CD-ROM: Faiz - Aaj Kay Naam
the main members of the team were
Sabeen, Jehan, Nuzhat & myself.
Sabeen has also posted an earlier picture
of this foursome!
This was the same team that
had produced Pakistan's first-ever
Interactive CD-ROM for IBM Pakistan
(ironically developed on Macs)
on Pakistan's 50th Birthday.
For the same occasion
we had also developed another CD-ROM
50 Years of Art in Pakistan
(featuring 112 Artists, Sculptors, and Ceramists)
for ABN-AMRO Bank.
None of us are formally qualified IT or Business specialists and have learnt everything about both these fields on our own ... so it's rather interesting to see how our lives have revolved around Technology and Business. Nuzhat is an Education Technology Consultant and has facilitated the development of many school IT programs and in-service training. Jehan Ara is the President of P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association). Sabeen is the President of the Karachi Chapter of TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs). And I am a blogger!

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Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

I like the acronym P@SHA. It sounds a lot more interesting than NASSCOM. :)

03 October, 2008 14:48

Anonymous BeanZ said...


Can't believe it's been 10 years since we did Faiz - Aaj Kay Naam - and it's awesome that people still ask for it!

My mother, with the deepest of affection, once told me I look dumb without my glasses. She's right!! Anyway, this is our special "ET Shaadi Photo" with the famous Dossani Studios background. They must have forced us to take off our spectacles because of "reflaction".

"And I am a blogger!" That really made me giggle.

We rock :)

04 October, 2008 22:16

Anonymous Siyana said...

Zak Sahib.
LOL @ 'just a blogger!'
No, seriously. You are much more than that.
Btw, Any chances of getting this CD in Karachi? Is it available for sale anywhere?


19 October, 2008 05:14


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