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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Enough said!

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Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Er...Aren't we missing keeping a can of pepper-spray handy?

27 April, 2008 16:04

Blogger aziz72 said...

@Siddusaaheb, with all due respect, this is a very serious issue and CANNOT be taken lightly or in jest. As a Dermatologist,I see a lot of young children both male and female who I'm sure have been molested either by domestic staff but most often by their brothers, uncles and even fathers.Though any suggestion of such an event having taken place is often denied by the child's parents and then unfortunately they are lost to follow up.
Unfortunately, this is a very common practice not just in cities but in our rural areas as well. Many of these girls commit suicide or are murdered 'accidentally' by burning.
The case of the Australian man who held his own daughter captive and fathered 7 children by her. REVOLTING!
This is a cause for which every citizen of any country has to do something. But what?

29 April, 2008 12:17

Blogger Vic said...

@aziz72: While to some extent, and very understandably in the majority* of cases, retribution is warranted, prevention is a far better option. Both in the short term, and in the long term, we need to look at reshaping childhood, in order to inculcate a sense of inclusivity from an early age.

Current educational systems (both secular and faith-oriented) are designed to heighten a sense of exclusion and hierarchy. Children grow up to be adults with an extraordinary 'divide'-oriented outlook.

Where this 'divide' is unnaturally focused towards the other sex, rape and sexual abuse of some - other than purely physical - nature is an inevitable outcome. I put rape and abuse by both men and women in this category.

Retribution, on the other hand, once allowed, is easily perverted into further attacks on women (honour killings), and into unconscionably complex legal proceedings that barely are distinguishable from rape itself. Where legal strictures are excused (in order to protect the victim), abuse of the legal system by women is not uncommon (though how rare as compared to physical rape by women itself, I don't know. It hardly matters: an inclusive approach to rearing children would go far to minimise that possibility too).

(* the minority being those where the women are strong enough within themselves to not allow the rape to ruin or even colour the rest of their lives)

29 April, 2008 14:42

Blogger aziz72 said...

@VIc,I completely agree with you regarding reshaping childhood from an early age,as well as making appropriate changes in the educational system. But how do you get to the thousands of children, both male and female in'madressas', and how do you propose educating the bearded fornicators posing as arbiters of 'faith'?
I was actually talking in the context of young children 3-5 years of age who are probably too scared to admit to being abused, physically or otherwise.More often than not they are brought to my clinic by the fathers rather than the mothers. You can see the fear in their eyes, but even the gentlest of probing evokes a harsh rebuke from the accompanying parent.

29 April, 2008 18:26

Blogger Bolshevik said...

FYI, the "basement horror" father was Austrian, not AustRALian.

05 May, 2008 18:31


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