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Monday, December 31, 2007

Reaction ...

One of the few characteristics that differentiates us humans from other animals, psychologists say, is our sense of humour. Perhaps this is what keeps us going through life, in the face of many tragedies. I apologize to those who may be offended, but I'd like to close the year with an image that, despite the ever-present and haunting memory of the terrible death of BB, cannot but bring a momentary smile to our faces. This image, taken from the Internet, shows the reaction of two great leaders, after a third had - in their opinion - gone overboard in his speech eulogizing Ms Bhutto. May we all have a peaceful 2008!

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Blogger Ghazala said...

:-) fantastic!!! sadly so true. With the 'Nelson Mandela' of Pakistan in the Chair of this wonderfully undemocratic democratic Pakistani Political Party (dynasty) we may need more than just 2 stooges to silence the 3rd. To top it all in this very patriarchal society where the children o by their father's names, suddenly another 19 yr old BB has been incarnated, and the Z in his sir name will surely be dropped. I'm not a great admirer of retired generals turned political analysts, but Talat Masood, a former army lieutenant general and now a political analyst, said the PPP had sought a quick fix, keeping the party together with the "glue" of the Bhutto family name, and hoping to benefit from an immediate sympathy vote.

He argued that the strategy represented a missed chance on the part of the PPP leadership to reinvent the party and remould Pakistan's politics. "They still haven't come to the idea of a party that is institutionally-based, issue-based and ideologically-based rather than one built around a family," Masood said. "This was a great opportunity. I didn't expect them to take it, but I was hoping against hope. Otherwise, this tragedy just turns to farce."
And now we have the lion of Punj Aab with his new crop of dyed hair covering a completely empty skull roaring inanities! Despite your optimism and humour which did make me chuckle, 2008 doesn't seem to be starting on a very happy note. Hope I'm wrong.

31 December, 2007 22:37

Blogger jehan said...

Zak, thanks for this. It is our sense of humour that helps keeps us sane through the worst of times.

Ghazala, I too had hoped that perhaps the PPP would take the non-dynastic approach and show that they truly believed in democracy. It was not to be. A chance to win on the wave of the sympathy vote is what they opted for. Poor Bilawal! The poor kid didn't seem to know what hit him. He needs to mourn the demise of his mother and not be thrown in the midst of political intrigue. But then who am I to decide that?

01 January, 2008 20:47

Anonymous Ghazala said...

Jehan, you and I and the 14 crore 'awam' don't decide these important matters as this article in yesterday's NY Times makes clear:

02 January, 2008 07:57

Blogger Vic said...

In a democracy it's your vote that counts; in feudalism, it's your Count that votes....

07 January, 2008 11:29


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