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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Writing on The Wall

(a modified poster) Thank you, PF!

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Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...


As I finished reading the poster, as song started playing somewhere inside my head. It went thus:

Mo se chhal...Mo se chhal kiye jaaye...haaye, haaye...saiyaaN be-imaan...

09 October, 2007 19:12

Blogger Zakintosh said...

i can only picture mush singing "chhaliya mayra naam"

10 October, 2007 02:54

Anonymous Ghazala said...

Just read this in today's issue of Counterpunch.
These are possibly the saddest times Pakistan has ever seen. What one man and the inc. behind him will do to hang on to power!Providing the opportunity to all known criminals to return to this country with complete impunity and continue with loot and plunder, kidnapping - the greatest beneficiary of these actions will see the further rise of the largest fascist and terrorist political party of the country.
I can't think of a single song, but a shayr that I keep repeating ad nauseum:
"ik roz ka rona ho tau ro leyn sabr aawe,
Har roz kay ronay ko kahan say jigar aawe"
Will will witness another 5 years of Fascism, Human Rights abuses, missing innocent persons, sexism and ultra right politics.

10 October, 2007 16:20


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