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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So ... it's final? {aka After the Fatwa!}

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Blogger kinkminos said...

i didn’t get the title of this post, but the rising incidence of beheading is a truly frightening development (i wouldn’t have thought i could be further terrified by incidents of violence motivated by quasi-religious -- or any other sort of -- zeal!)

islamic scholars (or at least those better read than myself) can expound on the development of beheading in muslim history. the scary thing for me is the way in which bombastic religiose [sic] groups keep upping the ante in the striking-fear-through-the-hearts-of-men stakes. as if they have think tanks working on cutting-edge (if you’ll pardon the utterly tasteless, though unintended, pun) terror theories. conspiracy theorists might even say it seems like experts from humanitarian organisations like the kgb or mossad (renowned for their fear-inspiring techniques) have been training the *so-called* jihadis in these ways.

to my mind, the prospect of death by beaheading is so much more terrifying than, say, shooting, or poisoning, or even, dare i say, bomb-blasting. and that’s not just from having watched a few of the (film and tv) episodes of “the highlander” series.

that the people running the *so-called* jihadi groups have little to do with wanting to spread islam has been proven by their methodologies. they are just another example of mankind’s intrinsic animalistic and barbaric tendencies (something that religious and humanitarian theories have attempted, with some success, to curb throughout history), and reinforce my belief that human instincts have not fundamentally changed in thousands of years.

what scares me even more is that the world is becoming polarised into those who use violence (seemingly) motivated by religious or cultural zeal on the one hand, and those who use violence (seemingly) motivated by a desire to combat the first group on the other. or as the stealer’s wheel song goes, “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here i am stuck in the middle with you.” (try getting michael madsen’s brilliantly manic two-step from reservoir dogs out of your head.)


btw, the lady in the picture looks like someone out of a spiderman comic.

30 October, 2007 11:24

Blogger Ayesha Hoda said...

good graphics...simply conveyed the point...

30 October, 2007 14:11

Anonymous Zobaria said...

I thought it was going to be the "last man standing", reference to the short story in Nature 434, 420 (17 March 2005).

But a lady might as well be, you do have a point.

30 October, 2007 23:53


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