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Thursday, October 04, 2007


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Blogger Vic said...

Over the years, even Western novelists (I recall Larry Niven Ringworld, and James Jones From Here to Eternity) have drawn attention to the ethos of other societies, never mind clinical researchers. Whether it is mind-enhancing chemicals (Niven/coffee), or mind-enhancing philosophies (Jones/Tantra), different societies have evolved ways of establishing their dealings with existence.

Is the preoccupation with superiority peculiar to the current Western norm, however? Difficult question I admit, since the word norm too is hardly free of prejudice in this context.

Yet certain societies (I am thinking of Colombia and Peru) even have chemicals that are considered quite illegal (coca) in most other societies, and probably after years of leaning from the US have made it illegal in their own nations. Both coca and marijuana are considered quite normal there, as UN-gathered research revealed 30 years ago. With chemical enhancement of their minds as a part of their daily existence, their societies did not spend too much time on conquering other nations, if indeed they even thought of themselves as nations.

Quo Vadis, humanitas?

05 October, 2007 13:24


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