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Saturday, June 30, 2007

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Former member of the Islamic Ideology Council of Pakistan Haji Mohammad Haneef Tayyib [said]: “After the 1965 war, Indian General Arorah visited Pakistan. During his visit, the general met Maulana Mawdudi. Arorah told him that he didn’t understand why so many Pakistanis had survived the war, especially since Lahore had been bombed so heavily. Mawdudi asked Arorah what he thought was the reason. ‘Our fighter pilots reported that whenever they tried to bomb Lahore, they saw a saint catch the bombs in his green kameez,’ Arorah told him.” Such miracles have been mentioned in the Holy Quran and hadith, but [because they] are not found in textbooks in school and colleges[,] “The new generation is skeptical of this knowledge,” lamented Jamiat ul Madina Hadith Teacher Maulana Asad Madni. Madni quoted an incident of Syedna Ghousul Azam, a saint buried in Baghdad. Azam was once addressing a very large crowd when it began to rain heavily. He is said to have looked at the sky and said: “All these people are here to glorify You. The rain is bothering them.” After which, rain fell everywhere but over the crowd. Read full story in Daily Times and weep.

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Blogger kinkminos said...

This is the true and sad fallout of overmedia-ization. Maulanas are running out of things to say and wow the crowds with.

tsk tsk tsk, ye din bhin dekhna tha!

30 June, 2007 11:20

Anonymous Ghazala said...

Is there no such protective saint in Turbat, where 900,000 have been rendered homeless and hundreds killed!

30 June, 2007 11:27

Blogger mystic-soul said...

Oh plzzzzzz

There was no saint for thousands killed by own muslim army in bangladesh... and history goes on.....

Maulana Maudidi ne gen. aurora se dukan chamka li.....

30 June, 2007 11:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mawdoodi never believed in all this pir saheb bsuiness. but he was pretty crazzy in otherwise. read about lahore qadiani specticle.

30 June, 2007 12:00

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ORQ wrote this piece, didn't he?

30 June, 2007 15:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoting a few loons who may or may not have said the above doesn't make a difference.

Islam is, will remain, and always will be salvation for humanity including pakistnis.


01 July, 2007 10:48

Anonymous rahmat masih said...

ANN No one here is saying anything against Islam or any other Religion. Only against idiots who give all belief systems a bad name.

01 July, 2007 11:19

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

In the recent past, similar events in India include Hindus claiming that idols of their Gods drink milk (which the scientists attributed to the phenomenon called capillary action) and Muslims claiming that the sea-water near the Haji Ali dargaah had turned 'sweet' (this, the scientists said, was on account of dilution of sea-water, on account of heavy rain).

01 July, 2007 22:17

Blogger Vic said...

As mystic-soul says, it was probably Gen Aurora. However, since that gentleman was engaged in the Eastern Sector with the Army and not the Air Force, he would not normally have been privy to the conversations of junior Air Force pilots. I doubt the services camaraderie carries that far.

Perhaps it really happened something like this.

Gen Aurora sits at his command post, somewhere in the jungles near Chittagong, headphones on, busy trying to raise his forward command to shell mosques and civilians. Or his batman, to get him a quick pick-me-up. You know these generals.

Instead he gets R/T chatter from the air over Lahore, two thousand kilometers away. Miraculous, but you know, stuff happens.

"Red Leader to Red flight - fire at will. Aim for the civilians, boys, don't waste ammo on those fuel dumps and munitions depots the deskwallahs briefed us on."

Gen Aurora blanches, and rams the headphones tighter on his ears. "Red Four to Red Flight, pir alert. That bloke in the green kurta again, boys, he scooped every bomb up in mid-air".

Gen Aurora can barely stop his whiskers quivering as he hears the last transmission. "Red Leader to Red Flight. Bad show fellows. This is not going to look good in the squadron logbook. And what the hell am I going to tell Gen Aurora?"

Or not, you think?

02 July, 2007 10:08

Anonymous Quizman said...

Lt. Gen Aurora fought in the 1971 war on the Eastern Front. I don't know whether he was a Brig or a Maj Gen during the '65 war.

04 July, 2007 01:08

Anonymous gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

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