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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Phew ... !

The School of Tomorrow Conference in Lahore finished on the 2nd ... and I stayed back for a day to say goodbye to all those who, during the past month, made it possible for me to survive Lahore.

Th SOTC had its ups and downs. The highs included a memorable and riotous debate between an 'old radical' and a 'young conservative'. The lows were so low that they had the squeazy excitement of a roller-coaster taking its big downward plunge. Will write on numerous aspects. Watch this space.

Learnt a great deal more about human nature, obstinacy, mediocrity, hypocrisy, power, sycophancy, chaudhraahat, and intellectual dishonesty than I did about Education.

All in all, I am thrilled to have been part of it ... and, in fact, am now in a state of Post-Natal Depression. [Note to World Bank types: This has nothing to do with South Africa; it's a human condition and, therefore, may not appear in your internally published glossaries.]

I got home last night. There's much to look forward to. A workplace that will bring sanity back. There's the KaraFilm Festival, now a truly full-fledged international event, being run at 3 separate venues to screen the 150 entries this year. There's Kababs and Paraathaas at Bundu Khan. And my favourite Sheermaals and Rab∂i at Bunce (a 'corruption' of Burns) Road. And loads more. Two friends, Vickram Crishna and Arun Mehta are here from India (they were attending the SOTC and will be doing their thing in Karachi all week).

But, most important of all, I shall now get some much-needed rest.

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