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Monday, September 19, 2005

It only hurts when I laugh

The current tour of the USA by President Musharraf was filled with numerous controversies. From his UN speech, to which the Indian politicians and press objected, to his meetings with the Jewish Congress, which angered many Muslims and provided MMA leaders with more nuisance-value opportunities, things did not go well. Even worse, the remarks that Washington Post attributed to him caused international indignation, with NGOs and individuals, including the Canadian PM, lashing out and/or demanding apologies. For many Pakistanis, these were trying times.

Fortunately, for those among us who really love the English language, the Pakistan Times (which bills itself as Pakistan's First Independent Complete E-Newspaper) provided some independent comic relief via its reports and, especially, its Sept 18 Editorial, partially quoted below.

Musharraf's Vision on the UN
By the Editor at the United Nations
Going by pragmatism, one can expediently adjudge that with the epoch-making speech of President General Pervez Musharraf at the 60th session of the UN General Assembly, Pakistan accomplished ovation par excellence on Wednesday. As I look at it, it was for the reason that the President said was the manifestation of his marvelous perceptions vis-à-vis the global issues with Kashmir and Palestine atop.
Via his unique style of oratory, Musharraf clutched filled attention of every-one who included Kings, Presidents, Premiers and delegates from all-over the world and are attending the current session of the General Assembly all through his speech.

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Anonymous Not-at-the-UN-yet said...

The illustrious Editor can earn a lot writing manuals for Japanese or Korean products ... or he could write copy for Interflow ;-)

27 September, 2005 08:05

Blogger the olive ream said...

I am just re-reading this one for the heck of it. It still cracks me up..LOL!!! I am in tears..

17 October, 2005 10:01


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