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Saturday, April 16, 2005

A timeless poem by Habib Jalib

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Blogger Darwaish said...

:) .. i loved the last 4 lines ..

but most people dont even like to think about such things these days... nothing can be more tragic than being an indifferent nation...

17 April, 2005 00:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i LOVE Urdu poetry. Its in my blood and veins, thanks to mboth my parents being in that field.

I love the
Meri English bala ki chust hoti.....hehehehe

28 November, 2005 19:43

Blogger Zakintosh said...

taazah shayr arz kia hae:

Khüda müjh say bhi karta baat - yaaro,
Jo Bush kee tarah maeñ Shaetaan hota!

29 November, 2005 00:02

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Benazir even has a huge estate in the UK, complete with a private airstrip, I hear.

Har soobay mein zameen ki toh baat hi kya hai!


There's another side to it though...Recently, when I was asked if I could translate a part of my blog into Punjabi for publication in a Punjabi magazine, I had to send in a note containing an apology and a request for getting that done from elsewhere. Now, I have always been mighty proud of my mother tongue, but this made me realise that the only language I could write with some confidence in, is English. I am sure that there are many others like me out there, in India as well as in Pakistan, who are more proficient in English than in their own mother tongues.

Perhaps we are all 'darbaans' of the 'firangis' in our own way!


25 December, 2006 17:56

Anonymous Syed said...

Very Nicely done!!

Check this links Now...

12 January, 2007 22:32

Anonymous Tauseef Ahmad Hashmi said...

Aamriyat jo is kai paoon ki zangeer na hot

Aqwame aalam ka leader Pakistan hota

24 October, 2009 09:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hashmi saab har joomlay ke do tukRay karnay sey wo sher nahiN banta. yey baRi chutya bat likhi hai ap ney

24 October, 2009 10:13


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