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Monday, April 11, 2005

Jaahils Online

Switching TV channels, I caught another glimpse of Dr. Zakir Naik. I wondered if, like our illustrious minister-cum-naatkhwaaƱ-cum-aalim, Amir Liaquat, Naik's doctoral degrees are also iffy. [Amir had, on an earlier occasion, told people at the TRC - with whom he had worked for a while - that he used the "Dr." title because he was a qualified Homoeopath.]

Naik was enthralling the audience, as usual, with his accurate quoting of chapters and verses from a number of religious tracts, both Islamic and non-Islamic. But, after just a few minutes of hearing him, I switched channels again. Wonder if Alec Bourne had him in mind when he said "It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated."

TV is being used (one wishes to add "criminally") to propagate the same old superstitions through dumbing idiocies like Istekhara Online, a program that uses religious-looking packaging to market an entirely fraudulent product. If ignorance really is bliss, we will soon be the first nation to attain Nirvana en masse.

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Blogger Darwaish said...

hmmm... whom can you trust?

He once claimed to be PhD publically.. then said he was an MBBS doctor... n now we know he is none...i doubt he is a qualified Homoeopath ... he is such an artificial person..

but then again he is our Minister for Religious Affairs ... wat a joke :)

11 April, 2005 21:59

Blogger Darwaish said...

hmmm :)... but i still think nothing could be more irritating than --> "aye sunte hein samajhte hein jaante hein aur pata nahi kia karte hein" plus that lashkara dress he wears ;)

now we are only left with Dr Shahid Masood... is he good enuf? .. i think so YES..

also i still think that pakistan day's resolution episode of Alif was good one (ven't seen one u r refrring to) coz by bringing Dr Israr and Dr Mubarik Ali (i dont buy his views though)... they were able to engage dialogue b/w two entirely diff skool of thoughts... n we hardly see so called scholars engaging in a dialogue

12 April, 2005 01:37

Blogger Zakintosh said...

shahid masood is a mystery. while his religion and faith are his personal matters, as they should be, i cannot understand how someone of his analytical calibre can subscribe to and propagate the views of a nutcase like harun yahya (who, incidentally, is probably a 'composite', like homer)

13 April, 2005 07:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

all i'd say is that i wish there is a program presented by women to discuss womens'rights in islam.....cos they are so often neglected, even in the so-called Islamic countries Pakistan and Saudi Arabia!! Interesting how most of these "aalims" overlook discussions on women rights or even twist them to suit male dominance........but i have seen Naik discuss some in length, impartially.

16 April, 2005 23:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

naik discuss? hahahahah. impartially? hahahahha x2. women's rights under any religion? hahahahah x3.

20 April, 2005 10:31

Blogger The Prophecy said...

A topic that really deserves some attention! I don't have a final opinion on most of the "aalims" mentioned in the post and the comments. What is interesting is a flurry of curiosity abt religion. I won't blame those who are trying to understand it.

The curious case with Islam is that one can't really claim to "understand" the faith just by applying the mind or knowledge alone. It is beyond just begging the question. One can merely get bewildered at some point and say, Ok so this is this and this is that. I mean with understanding Islam, there is no exogenous Aqal, or comprehension or whatever you call it. (it's 2.34 am to be precise and I am lost for words.) This model has to be understood, if at all, from within and by understanging and agreeing to its basic premises. Umm, that begs the question but wouldn't it if Allah indeed is God and He created us and revealed His word....

I am off-track, though. Ah. Yes. Most of what's being presented on the TV is a media-accelerated Bangali Jadoogar phenomena. The lesser said the better.

13 September, 2005 02:34

Blogger The Prophecy said...

What was the last time that an aalim stood between Man and his God!?

We are all responsible for our own deeds, actions, and understanding. Our comprehensions are our own. Yes, of course, the few good people can tell us what's right or wrong (as in, don't steal taxes, do remember to be kind to the neighbour, and yes, no matter which film inspired you deeply - certainly relationships are best avoided). Our actions will remain our own.

And as with every freedom, with this one too comes the responsibility of bearing the consequences.

Does it sound like I need a sleep already? Aye!

And I'm bookmarking the blog!

13 September, 2005 02:37


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