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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Case Closed?

Terri Schiavo is dead. But fundos do not give up so easily. They'll pick another opportunity to try and make inroads into trampling personal liberties. In such evil times, Freedom needs to be guarded 24/7 !!!

It has been impossible for most people to not take sides in this sad, personal drama that the media thought exciting enough to thrust in our faces. Gratis. It did serve to remind many of us that some things are not quite black and white. I, myself, needed to feel sure that the act of pulling the feeding tubes was humane, that she felt no pain, before I could consider this a clear case of euthanasia, a view that I wholeheartedly support. A search on the web had left me no wiser; everywhere, there were two camps. Finally, a long discussion with my family doctor, a strong opponent of any form of mercy killing or suicide, under any circumstances, whether assisted or not, convinced me that this, indeed, was a case of euthanasia.

Strange, the way things often work out.

For most, the case unmasked the politics behind it all when Senator De Lay referred to the courts being "out of control". (I had not been aware that courts in the USA were expected to be "under control" in the first place). And then that poor excuse for a human being, William Bennet, wrote that 'Jeb Bush should simply overrule the courts, break the law and send armed guards to insert the feeding tube by force.' Now that it is all over, we can tell Bill what he can do with the unused tubes!

The usurper-president of the United States spoke humanely when he said "it is wise to always err on the side of life". Must have been hell, for someone who feels this way, having to sign countless death warrants after mere cursory glances at review petitions, when he was the Governor of Texas.

I realize that there may be no concept of honouring a Living Will in Pakistan, especially in such a case. But I plead with my family, friends, and the family doctor, through this public platform: When the time comes, please do not put me through such torture; just let me die with dignity and with the absolute minimum of discomfort.

And, oh yes: No soyem vaghaerah, either.

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