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Monday, December 07, 2020

Have aliens from space visited us?

Larry King's 11 year old interview is
It has people that I wouldn't disagree with
as they range from Presidents, Governors, an Astronaut
(who was the second person to walk on the moon),
and many others that include witnesses.

There is also Michael Shermer, a leading Skeptic,
among the panel. Always an important person to listen to.
(He is also the editor of Skeptic, a magazine well worth reading).
He has objections to the standard story and wants evidence.

A documentary, Out of the Blue,
and subtitled
The Definitive Investigation on UFOs
is narrated by Peter Coyote
and many of you maybe familiar with him.

Most people think it's the best film in this genre!

There are, of course, objections by many serious people
about all these being 'conspiracy theories'
and they are mainly right.
But not all of them can be right, either.

One theory that is almost always mentioned
is that the Governments are hiding a secret 
and don't want it out in public view
because it would create a panic.

Some say that beings outside our planet
would create a religious panic:
Why would the 'Son of God' appear just on Earth?
Christianity would then be wrong.

But that's no help, really.
Apart from the fact that hundreds of religions
and their sub-sects don't even accept that
Jesus was the 'Son of God'.
They do not even have him in their 'texts'.

In Abrahamic Religions only 2 of the 3
accept him but only one accepts him as God's Son.

And what about Buddhists who have no God?
Why wouldn't they announce it if they knew this.

And Hindus, with their several gods
- who came from the sky - would accept this, too.

And so would Communists.
Their Atheism has no such problem.

And Scientologists would actually love it!

One of the great pieces that I recall
was the The Walton Affair:

Woodworker Travis Walton was 'abducted',
in the presence of his friends.
Many though he'd been murdered by a friend
and the others were spinning a story.

Travis was discovered a few days later,
by a phone booth from where he contacted
a friend who was with him during the 'abduction'.

In 1993 a film Fire In The Sky was made about him.
(Do watch it! The scenes in the UFO are a treat!)

As Wikipedia stated, some people said this was a hoax.
Shermer criticized Walton's claims, saying
"I think the polygraph is not a reliable determiner of truth.
I think Travis Walton was not abducted by aliens.
In both cases, the power of deception and self-deception
is all we need to understand what really happened in 1975.

However, you can now watch
and make up your own mind.
This is Travis many years later confirming
that his story is true and 100% right!

[BTW, Tubi is a great place to watch some films for free.
But do remember that these are films.
Some are, naturally, based on true stories
but the rest are great fictions, too.]

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