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Friday, November 27, 2015

An old tale put in for no rhyme or reason.

The First Rainbow

In The Legends Of Iavdik, it is written that there lived, in the heart of Mahgiaz, a beautiful maiden known to all as Nubia the Nubile.

The absolute personification of Youth and Sensuality, with firm apple-like breasts, half-open ever-moist lips, talkative eyes, soft tresses from which emanated the dizzying aroma of white musk - and a sensuously sad smile that made the beholder's blood rush in all directions - Nubia was admired by all. But while young men, for miles around, desired her, they all felt too inadequate to approach this Goddess-like Nymph. Thus, Nubia the Nubile was a lonely girl.

As Nubia the Nubile grew older, she became more and more content with her own company. Her greatest pleasure came in visiting the lake a little distance from her house. There she lay upon the cool ground or danced or ran and sang aloud.

When Nubia reached her 18th year (some say that in that year she looked more beautiful and alluring than she ever had) a strange thing happened. It was a sunny day in Spring and Nubia was sitting by the lake. There was an intoxicating fragrance in the air that was new to her. And the wild wind whistled a strange song through the trees, almost forming words - but, surely, only in her imagination. For the wind only whistles. The words she seemed to hear said, over and over, "True Love Is As Wild As The Wind".

The song of the wild wind lulled her to sleep and she lay with her back against her favourite tree for who-knows-how-long. Startled by the weight of something, that felt heavy and tender at the same time in her lap, she woke up. Lying next to her on the ground was a beautiful Unicorn and he had lovingly placed his head in her lap.

Until then, legend has it, the horn on a Unicorn's head used to be candy-floss-soft and filled with spun-yarn of every conceivable colour and shade. Nubia touched the horn hesitatingly. It felt warm and strangely exciting. She began stroking it gently. Suddenly the horn hardened and exploded and threw up a stream of what in today's world would probably be pixels of 16.8 million colours. But it was an Analogue World then and there were even more colours than our mind can grasp

The Legend of Iavdik goes on to say that these colours shot skyward to form the first Rainbow that the world had ever seen. And Nubia glowed with the radiance of the Sun, her world filled, from that day on, with the Essence of Love.


Hardly worth it … but I thought I should put it in my blogposts.
This was written years and years ago.

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