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Friday, July 17, 2015

Why are you not here?

For years it was Sab who always visited us on Eed in the early morning, dressed in her kurta and chu∂idaar paejaama.

She got her usual Eedi from us and, on most occasions, got an extra gift from me: Almonds that she adored, chocolates she loved, or a book she really wanted to read.

Tomorrow will the first of my Eeds without her. I will visit her grave, visit her Amma and her Nani.

Sadly, this is going to happen every Eed for as long as I live.

Sabeen, you know how much I loved you. And always will.

Your laughter continues ringing in my ears.

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Blogger SanaNizamani said...

My eyes well up reading this. She was lucky to be loved by you, and you by her.

18 July, 2015 14:10

Anonymous Jehan said...

Yes she knew how very much you loved her. Hugs.

18 July, 2015 14:55

Blogger william said...

I thought of you and your pain... Time heals most pain.. But not this.. Maybe she is still around you, just in another form.. May you still go on with your life..I'm not too sure of the signing finance of Eid ul Fitar but I'm sure it must be about hope, new beginning ..

18 July, 2015 17:12

Blogger Zakintosh said...

thanks william

23 July, 2015 11:26


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