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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dead at 99 … and we'll all miss him

Khushwant Singh

I was visiting my friend Tarun Tejpal in Delhi and one night I was invited with him to Khushwant's house for dinner at 9:00pm by his son. I said I wanted to meet Khushwant Ji. The son said I should come at 8:30 and meet him as he goes to his room at 9:00pm.

Meeting Khushwant Ji was a pleasure. He was eating his daal and chatted away with me about Pakistan for which he had a great love. At 9pm he started to reach his room and I saw that the door had a large kalmah around the sides. I asked him why that was and he said "Hindu bohat ghabraatay haéñ daykh kar …"

His books on every subject, serious, laughable, biographical, and his novels, have always fascinated me … but his Train to Pakistan was totally remarkable.

RIP, Khushwant Ji

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Anonymous Sharif Awan (Karachi) said...

Yes, he was a great man of substance. In 2004, when I translated some of his writings into Urdu and sent him the book through Yousuf bhai of Mr. Books Islamabad, Khushwant was so pleased that he wrote me a letter of appreciation. It was a post card: virtually the last ever post card that I received in my life. Post cards are now such a rare commodity in Pakistani society..... I doubt if the Pakistan Post even print them now!

Khushwant was Pakistan's friend - not a 'nadaan dost' - which we have in abundance! Rest in peace, Sardar Khushwant Singh ji.......

20 March, 2014 15:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those words, that wit, that sense of humour! What a personality, they don't make 'em like that anymore. RIP, sir.

20 March, 2014 15:22

Anonymous Salman Siddiqui said...

His death is a great loss for us. He saw and wrote about a whole era with such wit, humor and insight. There is no replacement.

You are very lucky to have met him Zack sahab.

26 March, 2014 00:53


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