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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life goes on …

It was 4 years ago today that I was rushed to this bed at the NICD
because of a silent heart attack
(which is what happens — often — to diabetics.)

No pain.
Nothing to show anything has happened.
Just lots of sudden weakness.
Bits of sweating.


 There was panic everywhere.
Some that I saw.
Some that I heard about.

You can read about it here.
Also read Dr. Shamim's comments under that.

There was a quadruple bypass!

I'm glad it's all over … but
 I have been in and out of hospitals for stranger things, since.

The first one was 3 weeks ago when I was put into
ICU at NMC for a bit of a dizzy spell and weakness.

I saw my Surgeon (Cardiologist was on leave)
who was there and he thought it may have to do with my heart.

It wasn't.

However, the medicine the doctors on top gave me
— to take all my life —
was really bad.
I had low BP and weakness fits every day.
Saw two doctors.
One advised me to reduce the tablets.
The second said keep having them.

The Cardiologist returned in 10 days so I saw him.
He threw away those medicines and said
this is what had caused the problem.
 The original was just a random thing that had happened
and the cause could not be traced until it happened again.

Back to some new medicines again!
They worked.

A stranger thing happened a few days after that.
I was listening to my Stereo System.
I felt a slight itch in my left year.
Put my finger there to scratch it and lo …
I found I hear just 'trebles' with my right ear.

Repeated it for two days with ear oil.


The missing 'bass' is heard via the bones and both ears,
but you can't hear the accurate direction
from where it is coming.
So I was hearing it, anyway.

The 'treble' gives the direction.
I heard that perfectly well from both ears.

I tried Headphones!
They, too, give you clear trebles in both ears
and bass seems to come from the centre.

It was only that little itch that
 made me put my finger
into the left ear and discover that the 'bass' was gone!

So I suggest you do that with both ears
to check you are hearing the same thing from them.

Anyway, off I went to see an ENT Specialist.
Did an audiological test.


The doc said I should see a Neuro Physician (NP)
and (possibly) have a Brain Scan done.

The NP agreed to see me on my 73rd Birthday.
He thought I should have a Brain Scan, too,
… just in case it was a 'small' clot
(while he thought it may actually be a 'big clot).


Brain Scan done.
All well. No new clots.
Just traces of an oldish one
probably from my heart attack time.

No problems now except about hearing the bass.
Will require a hearing aid much later.
 That's like a headphone
and you do not miss
the 'bass' at all.
Right now I am doing fine, anyway.


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