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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Leonard Alfred Schneider?

October 13, 1925
He was born in Meniola, New York.

Here he is at Bellmore, 1940.

May 8, 1947
Changed his name to Lenny Bruce!

Aaah. So you know him now!

Here he is with his daughter, Kitty

The audience loved him. Writers adored him.
Jazz Musicians were crazy about him.
But the police and some audiences hated him.

He was tried in court for his wonderful performances
- that often hit the religious leaders and the bigots -
and he was jailed at times.

August 3, 1966

Lenny Bruce died of an overdose of Police
(though some say it was Morphine, too!)

Here is a set of his remarkable performances
and more on 6 CDs: 7 hours 30 minutes of him.
The set comes with a great booklet.

Just in case you've never heard him,
here's one of his short pieces:


Also, take a look at his official website.


Here is my cat who was named after him.

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